How to Free Up Space on Your Hard Drive in Windows 10

Windows 10 has been a breath of fresh air, especially to former Windows 8.x users, and offers several new features and improvements on existing ones.

One of the new features that was absent in the previous iteration of Windows is the ability to check your hard drive and see what is taking up space on your drive so that you can clear out the files you do not need.

You can find the options to check your disk space consumption in the new “Storage” settings. From there you can easily free up space in your hard drive.

To access the Storage settings, go to “Settings” and click the “System” category.


Then choose “Storage” from the list of options. You will see an overview of the space used on each of your drives.


Clicking on any of your drives will take you to a new interface where you can see a clear categorization of your drive and remove what you do not need.


Selecting the “System and reserved” option, for example, shows your system files, which the OS depends on to function properly, as well as hibernation and system restore files.

You can choose to remove old system restore files if they’re taking up too much space.


The “apps and games” category lists all installed software and orders them by size from the largest to the smallest. You can uninstall any of the apps from there if you wish to.


In the same manner, you can go through each category in turn to delete unwanted files. The “Temporary” category contains cache files and those in the recycle bin while the “Other” category contains files that couldn’t be categorized. It may also contain the files of the previous version of Windows which you upgraded from in case you want to revert back within thirty days of the upgrade.


Before you delete any of the files here, be sure to verify their importance to your configuration so you do not delete any essential files accidentally.

By deleting my old system restore files and some temporary files, I was able to recoup a whopping 20GB of space, and there’s a lot more I can remove if I’m really set on freeing up my Windows partition.


Windows 10’s new Storage settings is a big upgrade on the Disk Cleanup utility for freeing up space and provides a clear presentation of each part of your partition so you can find unwanted files quickly and easily.

If you have a small hard drive storage or partition, you can use this to your advantage to reclaim a significant amount of space and then fill it with whatever you want.