Free Studio: One Multi-Purpose Converter To Rule Them All

We convert media types from one format to another nearly every day. Whether we are about to transfer a song to our portable media player, upload a video to YouTube, or size down an image by changing its format, we have to go through a format conversion process.

Usually for different types of media conversions, we have separate programs installed: one for video format conversions, one for audio format conversions, and one for image format conversions. With DVDVideoSoft’s Free Studio, you can get a single program for all your media type conversions.

Free Studio is a freeware for Windows that supports an impressive range of video formats as well as audio and image formats. Find our comprehensive coverage of this remarkable freeware below and see why you should be using it.

Download and Installation

Free Studio runs on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. In order to get the program, you will need to download its setup file which is in the EXE format and about 60MB large. That seemingly large setup size completely justifies itself once the program’s features are explored and understood. In addition to the features, which we highlight in the following paragraphs, the program supports multiple languages. A total of 12 languages are supported including Dutch, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.


The multi-language support certainly helps deliver features to a wider audience unlike most media conversion freeware that targets only English-speaking computer users.


When you run the program for the first time, this is the type of picture you will see:


The big bright buttons let you enter different categories of media tools. A clicking sound can be heard as you place the mouse pointer over these buttons. The sound nicely adds to the overall feel of the program.

In case you want to change the default language without reinstalling the program, you can do so from the top-right.


Overall, the interface maintains a fresh look without ever tiring its user. If we were to grade it, the interface would get an ‘A’.

Let us now move on to the type of media tools offered by Free Studio.

Image Tools

Using the “Photo & Images” button from the main window of the program, you can enter the images portal of Free Studio. Here you will see an impressive list of image tools you can use.


Starting from the top of the list, you can use these tools to:

  • Convert the format of images and resize them
  • Convert videos to individual JPG images
  • Create 3D photographs
  • Record a portion of your screen to create a screencast

Thus not only do you get handy image tools, but you can also record screencasts thereby eliminating the need of an extra application for the purpose.

Audio Tools

From the main window, the “MP3 & Audio” button lets you access the program’s audio tools.


The audio tools let you perform the following functions:

  • Convert audio files between various formats
  • Edit audio files
  • Extract audio from videos
  • Burn audio to an optical disc either as an audio CD or as an MP3 disc

Like the image tools, the audio tools save you the need to have a bunch of other programs installed. The audio tools section of Free Studio will replace your current software for audio format conversions, audio editing, and audio extraction from video.

Video Tools

Free Studio offers an impressive array of video tools. These tools are spread out into 5 categories that are visible in the program’s main window. The first category is “YouTube” and its tools can be seen in the following image:


The YouTube tools let you download videos from YouTube and directly convert their file format thereby effectively merging the download and conversion steps. The application even lets you upload videos to YouTube from its interface.

The second set of video tools is categorized as “CD, DVD, BD.” The tools included under this category can be seen in the following image:


These tools are basically disc-writing tools. In other words, these tools let you burn videos to a video CD, a DVD, or a BluRay disc after passing the video through the appropriate file conversions.

The third category of video tools is “DVD & Video.” See the following image for the list of tools it contains:


As you can see in the image, this category offers video tools that you will probably be using the most. From video editing to video format conversion, tools in this category perform all those functions.

The “Mobiles” category of video tools will let you convert videos for specific devices. These will come in handy when you do not know which video formats your devices can handle. The following image is what tools in this category look like:


The last category of video tools is “Apple Devices.” The function of this category is the same as “Mobile” with video tools for each Apple device labeled separately.



Method of usage of all tools offered by Free Studio is nearly the same. Once you click on a tool in one of the abovementioned categories, you will encounter a window similar to the image below:


The top section is where you specify the input file. You can specify multiple files in case of batch conversions. Underneath you specify the output folder path and details of the output format. When your preferences are set, you click on the “Convert” button to initiate the process.


Take a look at your installed programs. As we pointed out earlier, you will notice you have multiple applications installed for nearly all the functions that are being offered by Free Studio. Replacing all those applications by a single program will not only be convenient but also significantly free up your disk space. With the advantages it offers, Free Studio is a must-have application for all computer users.

DVDVideoSoft’s Free Studio.


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