A Free Online Screen Recorder You Need to Try

A Free Online Screen Recorder You Need to Try

Have you ever thought about recording your display? Let’s say you are talking to a family member you don’t get to talk to very often, much less see them. Wouldn’t you want to record that session? If you want to enjoy reliving that video call over and over, ApowerSoft’s online screen recorder can help.

The Free Online Screen Recorder that can be used on either Android, Windows or Mac comes with an attractive interface and one that is very easy to read and navigate through. The first thing you will need to do is to install the launcher, and you can do that by clicking where it says “Download Desktop Version.” Once you have done that you just need to click on the “Start Recoding” button. Every time you want to record, you will need to go back to the web app, so make sure you have quick access to it.

In the Audio Input option (the icon with the microphone), you can either choose None, System Sound, Microphone and System Sound and Microphone. In the Recording options, you can decide if you want the mouse cursor to appear in your screenshots or not; it’s up to you. You also have the option to show the countdown before recording or not, beep on start recording, show recording boundary, and show recording toolbar.


Just like ScreenCastify, you can also upload your videos to Youtube, but the Screen Recorder goes a little further by also giving you the option to upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Vimeo. If you want, you can even save it as a Gif File and a Video file. Right beside the full-screen option, you will see the custom option. There you will find options that are made especially for either your iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6 or 6+, iPad and iPad 2 (among others). The Online Screen Recorder also lets you move the toolbar so you can place it somewhere where it won’ t bother you. To move it, just click on the left side of it and move it.


While you’re recording, you can add shapes, colors, notes, and distinct icons such as arrows that can also be easily erased by clicking on the eraser icon. You can also make some recording changes by going to General Options and decide if you want to set the hotkeys, and you can choose what keys will do the job. That way you can choose the options that are easier to remember. To access your videos, go to General option, and on the right/hand side of the Default output directory, you will see a folder with everything you have ever recorded.


It’s an excellent tool to have around whenever you need to record something on your screen. It offers you a variety of useful options that you will surely need. If you click on the icon with the small flame on it, you will have access to the company’s other useful features such as Free Screen Capture, Free Online Audio Recorder, Free Online Video Downloader, Free Online Video Converter and Phone Manager. These options are very helpful since they will save you extra typing by having everything within a single click.



The Online Screen Recorder by Apowersoft offers many useful tools when it comes to editing, uploading and creating your videos, and it also gives you a nice design to look at while you work. Don’t forget to give the post a share, and let us know what screen recorder you use in the comments.

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