9 Websites Where You Can Learn Anything for Free

Do you have spare time after work? Perhaps, you want to make your summer productive. Want to learn a new course, language, skill or just about anything? Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are becoming popular these days. With websites and apps offering these services accessible via desktop and mobile devices, eLearning has become flexible, transparent, and collaborative.

Here are 9 websites you can visit, while most of them also have their own mobile versions. To access the courses, you need to create an account or link it to your social media account.


Udemy is a global e-learning marketplace for instructors and students alike. Some courses are free while others are tagged with premium rates (shown above), depending on the scope, topic, and expertise of the instructor. Nonetheless, basics about subjects from Facebook Marketing to learning HTML5 Programming to Java tutorial for beginners are available for free. Udemy also offers discounts occasionally via newsletter. Personally, I wait for those free courses or ten dollars worth of training.


On the other hand, if you want to learn a foreign language, you can check out LingQ. Learning is interactive because there are forums that allow you to communicate with other students and native speakers, and learning is lenient, allowing you to set your own pacing. They also have frequent challenge campaigns such as the 90-day challenge to learn Spanish, Mandarin or your preferred language. You access all your courses across mobile devices as well.


While the first two platforms adopt quite informal e-learning, Coursera lets you access free courses to more than 115 top universities worldwide (as of this writing). Plus, you get your certificate(s) after taking the course, good for building a resume/CV or LinkedIn profile. Learn Cryptography 1 from Stanford University, Social Entrepreneurship by Copenhagen Business School and many more.


Who says coding is for geeks only? Did you know that the IT industry is on the lookout for the best programmers and developers? If you want to venture outside of your niche and explore programming, join Codecademy and learn interactive courses on how to write codes in Java, Python, jQuery, and Ruby to name a few. There’s a community of students and instructors which makes the learning collaborative and open. And it’s free!


From technology and services courses, let’s move to the next level. Why not sign up a course and learn the nooks and crannies of investments? Investoo is an online school that will teach you how to trade in the stock market and the basics of investment — from buying to selling and Forex and many more.


Meanwhile, in Udacity, another e-learning platform, similar to Udemy, Lynda and Codecademy, iou can take courses created by top-notch experts in various fields at your own pace. However, this one is more focused on programming and development skills like Front-end Web, Android, iOS, and full-stack development. Google, Facebook, AT&T, Cloudera and MongoDB built the courses.


FutureLearn is a subsidiary e-learning platform of Open University that offers diverse online courses from cultural organisations and universities. The upcoming courses come with specific dates when they will start. The topics include cybersecurity, soil, culture digital age and a myriad of interesting stuff.


Want to enhance your writing skills? TheWritingUniversity offers free online courses for aspiring and pro writers to enhance their skills. You can sign up and check out their sessions from basic concepts of writing to storytelling and structures in video formats.


Do you love DIY tutorials? Instructables is kind of informal surrounded by the rest of the above-mentioned platforms, yet you’ll find amazing stuff like inventions and projects of all kinds which you can build. Definitely a must-visit website!

Do you have recommendations? Share some of the online courses and platforms you’ve used that helped you improve your skills.