12 Free Notion Templates for Students

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Being a student isn’t easy. Along with attending classes, completing assignments, and taking exams, there is research, review, and studying to do. To help you organize everything you need, check out these free Notion templates for students.

Getting the Notion Templates

Before you review the list of templates, take a quick peek at how easy it is to grab the one you want.

Notion Templates

If you select a Notion template, open the sidebar on the left of your workspace and select “Templates.” On the next screen, choose the template name in the appropriate section and click “Get template.” You’ll find the template in your Notion sidebar.

Notion Gallery Templates

If you choose a Notion Gallery template, access the template page with the link below. Select your Notion workspace name and click “Duplicate template.” You’ll see the template in your workspace sidebar.

Third-Party Notion Templates

If you choose a template from a third-party website, use its link to access the template, then follow the on-screen instructions to add the template to your Notion workspace.

For example, to get a template from Prototion, access the template page with the link below. Optionally, donate a dollar amount and select “I Want This.” Select “View Template,” click “Duplicate” at the top, and sign in to your Notion account when prompted.

1. Student Dashboard

One of the most useful free Notion templates for college life is the Student Dashboard. With it, you can manage everything from classes and clubs to personal projects and to-dos.

You’ll see a few sample courses set up to review. Select “New” to add a class of your own, with details like course code, professor, and year. You can also add assignments and link directly to them for the statuses, due dates, and types.

Student Dashboard template Courses section


  • To-do’s area for a list of assignments per course by status
  • Clubs area for upcoming meeting details
  • Personal Projects area for to-dos outside of school
Student Dashboard template ToDos, Clubs, and Personal Project areas

2. Student Dashboard With a Pomodoro Timer

If you like the idea of a dashboard but are looking for one with a bit more, look at this Student Dashboard template from the Notion Template Gallery. It gives you a handy Pomodoro timer with both short and long breaks, which is ideal for focusing.

Student Dashboard template Timer


  • Subjects, or classes, in a gallery or table view
  • Weekly Schedule with adjustable time slots
  • Timeline View for upcoming assignments organized by due date (day, week, month, or quarter)
  • Upcoming Quizzes and Exams on a calendar for test dates at a glance
Student Dashboard template Subjects and Schedule

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3. Aesthetic Dashboard

For one more student dashboard, you have to check out Aesthetic. This one goes even further than the two above, with courses, calendar, to-do list, notes, built-in dashboard sections, and task list. These options serve as the navigation at the top, and each section is complete with a colorful animated image to add a little pizzazz.

Aesthetic template navigation


  • Calendar for a weekly schedule and due dates
  • To-do List for tasks by day or week along with a work schedule
  • Task List for assignments sorted by To Do, Doing, and Done
  • Two dashboard sections: one with courses and assignments and the other with a reading list and Pomodoro study session
Aesthetic template Courses section

4. Life and School Management for Students

You may be a student, but school isn’t your whole life, right? With the Life and School Management for Students template, you can be the boss of both. The template has cute animations, inspiring quotes, a weather widget, and built-in Spotify playlist for focus.

Life and School Management template main page


  • Spot on main page for what you’re currently listening to, reading, playing, and watching
  • Quick Tasks area for important to-dos
  • Weekview with both a monthly calendar and cards for each day
  • University section to enter all courses and extracurricular activities
  • Library section to list favorite or wish-list books
  • Extras section for links to wish-list items or an expense tracker
Life and School Management template Courses section

5. A+ Student Planner

The A+ Student Planner template is the ideal place to organize your assignments, exams, grades, and contact list. You can also list your courses, to-dos, homework, and class schedule, for a complete package.

A Plus Student Planner main page


  • Grades Tracker to log grades by class, term, and semester with average
  • Assignments + Exams section for homework by course with statuses, due dates, and notes
  • Contacts area for professors, classmates, and study group participants
A Plus Student Planner Assignments and Exams

FYI: you don't have to stick with Notion. Consider these Notion alternatives.

6. Course Schedule

For keeping track of homework, assignments, and tests, the Course Schedule template from Notion gives you exactly what you need.

Course Schedule template All view


  • Spots for the basics, like name, due date, type, and topic
  • Schedule views by type, lessons, assignments, exams, and calendar
  • Course details area for topic or activity, prep work, and assignments
Course Schedule template Types view

7. Assignments Board

Similar to Course Schedule, the Assignments Board template includes statuses for not started, in progress, and done for a quick way to see the stage of each assignment.

Assignments Board template main page


  • Statuses with their assignments listed at the top for a snapshot of progress
  • Quick Links on the top left for research sites, reading material, and sources
  • Table for assignments with week, month, and course views
Assignments Board template Essay assignment

8. Spaced Repetition for Students

To use the spaced repetition method of study, look at this next template made with it in mind. With Spaced Repetition for Students from Prototion, enter the lecture (or assignment), class, type, and review date, which is one day after the lecture.

Spaced Repetition template main page


  • Active Recall Question with a toggle to hide and show the Active Recall Answer
  • Checkboxes for each review stage
  • Next Review date automatically calculates after each review is marked
  • Review Tracker to see your Next Review dates on a monthly calendar
Spaced Repetition template Lecture

Good to know: after working hard in class, you may decide you want to give your opinion on your professors. We show you where to rate your teachers online.

9. Spaced Repetition Flashcards

For another Notion student template that concentrates on your study method, look at the Spaced Repetition Flashcards template. Set up flashcards with the topic, add the answer, and optionally, include a resource or audio file.

When you’re ready to review, open the card, guess the answer, then expand the “Answer” toggle to see if you’re correct.

Spaced Repetition Flashcards template main page


  • Easy, Good, and Hard tags to track memory difficulty
  • Last Review date field
  • Next Review date automatically updates based on the Last Review date
  • Notes spot for additional details
  • Archive completed flashcards
Spaced Repetition Flashcards template flashcard

10. Class Notes

If you want a place to organize all of your notes, this Class Notes template from Notion works like a dream. You can log and review notes for lectures, sessions, and study groups.

Class Notes template main page


  • Ability to add notes for each course and type, such as reading or a lecture
  • Spots for links to resources or materials
  • Checkboxes for completed reviews
Class Notes template Note

11. Cornell Notes System

If you appreciate the Cornell Note Taking System, you can add the topic, recall, notes, and summary with the easy-to-use Cornell Notes System template from Notion.

Cornell Notes System template


  • Familiar structure of the Cornell Note Taking System
  • Instructions for adding additional notes using columns and a callout
  • Create new notes with a button click
Cornell Notes System instructions

12. Grade Calculator

Keeping track of your grades is key to meeting that GPA goal, and with the Grade Calculator from Notion, you can. You can also duplicate the template using the three dots on the top right to track grades in additional classes.

Grade Calculator template main page


  • Spots for each assignment, due date, and when you submitted it
  • Raw Score field for the grade you earned
  • Log for the number of days you were late turning in an assignment
  • Final Grade column automatically calculates the Raw Score with the Late Penalty
  • Excused checkbox that doesn't account for the Late Penalty
  • Weighting percentage and Weighted Grade columns with averages and totals at the bottom
Grade Calculator template Essay assignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students get Notion for free?

Students and teachers can use an upgraded version of Notion for free, and teams and schools can receive discounts. With the free Education Plan, you get Notion Plus Plan features, like unlimited pages and blocks, file uploads, and version history.

You only need to be a student or teacher at an accredited college or university and have a school email address. Also, learn how to get a student discount at the Apple Education Store.

How do I upgrade to Notion Pro for students?

If you’re eligible for the free Education Plan discussed above, you can upgrade an existing account using your school email address. If you need to change your email address first, visit “Settings & members -> My account,” and select “Change email.”

Head to “Settings & members -> Upgrade.” Select “See all plans,” then move down and select the “Get free education plan” link. Note: you may not see this button if you have a Plus Plan or Enterprise Plan. For additional assistance, contact Notion.

Where can I find free student templates for other applications?

If you’re looking for free student templates for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, you can check out a variety of options for education at Vertex42 and Template.net.

Vertex42 offers templates for homework planning, class schedules, college budgets, and more.

Template.net has templates for timelines, study schedules, planners, budget worksheets, and more. Note that some templates are paid options at Template.net.

Image credit: Pixabay. All screenshots by Sandy Writtenhouse.

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