Free Giveaway: Backup4All Professional [Windows] (Contest Closed)

There is no shortage of backup software for Windows and most of them are pretty effective and easy to use. Backup4All is yet another backup software for Windows. The thing that make it different from the rest is that it comes with plenty of preset configuration and plugins that you can use to make the backup and restore task much easier. We have a giveaway event for the Backup4All Professional edition ($49.95). Read on for the review and the participation method.

Once installed and run, it will show a popup, also known as the One Touch Screen, that allows you to choose between Backup and Restore. There is also a bunch of shortcut that links you to tutorial to use the app.


Once you are in the main screen, you will be able to either create/run Backup or Restore from previous backup. To get started, click “New” to create a new backup project.


Give this new project a name and select the destination to save the backup file. Other than the standard local drive, you also have the option to backup to an external hard drive, a network drive, a FTP or SFTP server or even burn to CD/DVD. It doesn’t support saving to your cloud drive like Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3, though I do hope that it can add this feature in the future version.


The next step is the best part. You can select which files/folders/settings to backup. The default is Files and Folders where you can add specific folders and files to backup. However, if you are looking to backup your applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, and you have no idea which settings to backup, Backup4All comes with preset configurations (plugins) that you can select and it will automatically backup all the necessary files. Supported applications include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Outlook, My Documents, My Pictures, Thunderbird and Windows Mail. You can also download extra plugins to complete the list.


Once you have finished setting up your backup project, you can either Save or Save and Run.


The first time you run your backup, it will do a full complete backup of the files and folders you have specified. Subsequent backup will be incremental and only backup the modified or new files since the last backup.

In the Properties section, there are plenty of advanced options that you can configure. You can set the compression ratio for the backup file and whether it should be encrypted or not. And if the backup filesize is too big (and doesn’t fit into a DVD), you can even get it to split into different parts.


To make it fully automated, it even comes with a Scheduler feature that allows you to schedule a regular interval for the backup to run automatically.


To conclude, Backup4All is a good backup software that comes with plenty of configuration options and is suitable for both beginner and advanced users.


The developers of Backup4All has gladly sponsored 10 license keys for Backup4All Professional to be given away to Make Tech Easier’s readers. Each version of Backup4all costs $49.95. Here is how you can win your copy:

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2. Enter the form below, together with the giveaway code. This form allows us to contact you if you are the lucky one to win the prize.

Note: This giveaway event has ended.


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Contest ends August 06, 2012.

Thanks to Backup4All for the kind sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, do contact us here.


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