Free Download: WinX HD Video Converter

Who doesn’t love free stuff, especially when it is a top-grade software.

From time to time, we collaborate with various software developers to provide free download for our readers. This time round, the latest software available for free download is WinX HD Video Converter (orignially $39.95).

WinX HD Video Converter is a professional video converter specially designed for HD video conversion. It allows you to effortlessly convert HD videos mutually with no loss of image and sound quality, like MTS, M2TS, TS, HD MP4, MKV, HD WMV, and HD MOV, etc. Besides, it also lets you convert between HD videos and regular AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.

The software itself is very easy to use. There is almost no need to fiddle with any of the technicalities, unless you choose to.

When you first run the software, it will prompt you to Add file from your video folder.


There isn’t really much for you to do. All you need to do is to

1. Add video file

2. Choose the format that you want to convert to.


3. Change the settings (optional). The default setting is good enough for most users.


4. Click on the Start button to start the conversion.

As the conversion could take a long time, there is also an option “Shut down computer when conversion completed” which can be very useful when converting a big file.


At the moment, the format that it supported includes HD-AVI, HD-WMV, HD-AVC, HD-MP4, HD-MOV, HD-MPEG, HD-TS, HD-Youtube and AAC (audio).

In case you have a big video file and only wish to convert a portion of it, WinX HD Video Converter also allows you to specify the start and end time of the video.

All in all, a simple and easy to use software with plenty of useful features.

WinX HD Video Converter is available for free download till 16 Dec 2009. You can grab this great software here.

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