Tracking Your Movement? 4 Free Android Pedometer Apps You Should Check Out

You could go out and buy a dedicated pedometer to monitor your steps, but you have to remember to take it with you for it to be of any use. Yet chances are you already have a device that goes with you every time you leave the house – your smartphone. There is enough technology packed inside that device to perform the same task, so by just installing a pedometer app, you can turn it into a pedometer that you will actually remember to keep nearby. Here are four Android pedometer apps you can install that help you keep track of every step you take.


ProtoGeo recently ported Moves from iOS to Android, an app that distinguishes itself by being easy to use, distraction-free, and useful. It has a clean interface that uses circles of different sizes to represent how many steps you’ve taken, how many minutes you’ve biked, or how many miles you’ve run. It tracks your activity each day and has a map where you can view where you’ve been. There isn’t much in the way of settings here, but sometimes that’s a good thing.


Runtastic Pedometer goes more in-depth. This app not only tell you how many steps you’ve taken, but also how frequently you take a step, how fast you’re going, and how far you’ve traveled. Unlike Moves, the free version is ad-supported, but there’s a paid version with more features and no-ads for 99 cents. If you find that you enjoy this app, Runtastic also has a suite of other additional apps available to whip you into shape.


Like the other apps on this list, Accupedo Pedometer is just that, a pedometer, so you already know what it does. This particular offering is known for its widget that sits on your home screen, giving you a constant look at the steps you’ve taken. It’s configurable, so you can see steps, distance, minutes, calories, and more in a manner that suits you best.


Noom Walk has an interface that’s sparse and clean. The app claims to use less than 2% of your battery, consuming as much juice over 22 hours as 20 minutes of screen time or just three minutes of GPS usage. The app lets friends encourage each other by giving virtual high fives. It’s entirely free to use, which is also a plus.

There you have it, four Android Pedometer apps that are just raring for you to get out of that office chair and go jogging around the neighborhood, grocery shopping, or just in circles around the house. A pedometer doesn’t require you to change your life or make a habit to visit the gym, it encourages you to be more active by just pushing you to take a few more steps than you did yesterday. There’s just something about counting your steps that feels like beating a high score.

Image credit: A Woman Checks Her Pedometer While Walking Outdoors by BigStockPhoto