Four Sites to Promote Your Cause

The Internet provides charities a way to connect with people in all parts of the world. Charities are able to educate people about their cause and ways that they are able to help. Donations are important to a charity because it helps them get products, good, services, and money to aid them in their cause. What can you do on the Internet to make people aware of the cause you are passionate in helping? Here are four sites to use to help your charity of choice’s presence on the Internet:

1. Squidoo

Squidoo allows you to create pages, which are called lens, that you can use for making profit for yourself or donating it towards the charity of your choice. After a simple three-step process, your Squidoo lens is created. Squidoo provides various add-ons (e.g. Amazon, CafePress, Flickr, Youtube, etc.) to enhance your lens and make it appeal to viewers. This is a great site for charities because you don’t have to be a webmaster to create a functioning page that has all the information about your charity with tools to show images, videos, and even vanity items, like shirts with your charity’s logo on it. You can also join groups of similar charities, which provides a great way to network and share resources.


2. Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages combines the best of groups and profiles to create a way to interact with people interested in your charity. When creating your page, you choose a category (there is a “Non-Profit” choice), name, add a photo, and enter information about your charity. It’s a very simple way to get a web presence that will reach millions of people. You are able to promote the page on your own Facebook profile, web site, or blog. Just like Squidoo, you are able to add images, videos, events, etc.


3. SocialVibe

SocialVibe is unique because it partners with charities and other organizations, and then people are the way to make others aware of the cause, and ways for them to help. It is versatile because it interacts with FaceBook, different blogging platforms, and MySpace, so people who join the cause are able to promote it in whatever way they want. If you are a charity, you work alongside SocialVibe to be listed on the site. It would be nice if there was a way to do it online without having to contact them, but the versatility of the site makes you forget that little annoyance.


4. Kiva

Kiva provides a way for normal people to donate money to people all over the world who need money to finance their dreams. It uses PayPal or credit cards to receive the funds from lenders to give to entrepreneurs, people needing the money, to start their business. This is a great service for people who are weary of big charities and want to cut out the middle man. You are able to use and promote Kiva in various ways – iPhone app, WordPress widget, and analysis sites. Kiva allows you to create or join teams that are interested in the same types of things. Additionally, there is a section where entrepreneurs can write journal entries, and lenders can comment. It’s a great way to interact and learn more about the people you are trying to help before any money is exchanged. Kiva is a wonderful site that will help you feel like you helped a person with a face and name to him/her, which is sometimes missing with big charities.


Which sites do you go to promote your cause?

Image credit: Swamibu

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