How to Forward Multiple Emails at Once in Gmail with Chrome

How to Forward Multiple Emails At Once in Gmail With Chrome

For some people, forwarding emails is a troublesome thing that they do daily. For Gmail (and many other email clients) users, you know that it only allows you to forward one email at a time. So if you have a bunch of emails to be forwarded, you need to open each of those and click the forward option to have them forwarded. Wish there was a way to quickly forward multiple emails at once? Luckily, there is.

Multi Forward for Gmail is an extension for the Chrome browser that lets you quickly forward multiple emails in your Gmail account.

Here’s how to do that.

1. Head over to the Multi Forward for Gmail extension page in the Chrome Store and click on “ADD TO CHROME” to add the extension to your browser.


2. A prompt should appear asking if you really wish to add the extension to your browser. Click on “Add” to allow the extension to be added.


3. The extension should be added to your browser. You can see its icon in the browser’s menu bar. In order for it to work properly, you need to close the browser and then re-open it.

4. When the browser re-opens, click on the little arrow icon for the extension in your menu bar.


5. It should ask you to allow it to access your Gmail account. To do that, click on the button that says “Sign In.”


6. You should be taken to the Google panel where you can authorize the extension to use your Gmail account information. Click on the “Continue” button to move forward with the authorization process.


7. On the screen that follows, you need to click the “Accept” button to provide the extension the information it needs to help you forward emails in your Gmail account.


8. You should now be greeted with a message along with the instructions on how you can use the extension. You can now simply close that tab in your browser as it is no longer needed.


9. Here begins the actual forwarding procedure. Open your Gmail inbox and select multiple emails that you wish to forward. Click on the little arrow icon appearing beside the regular email options on the top.


10. You now need to enter the recipients for the emails. You can enter multiple email addresses, and when you are done, simply click the “Multi-Forward” button to start the forwarding process.


11. It will take some time to forward the selected emails. You will get the following screen while it is processing your emails.


12. When it is done forwarding all the emails, you will see the following success message. It indicates all the selected emails have been successfully forwarded to the specified recipients.



    • Hi Bob,

      While I don’t see an extension or something like that to do that with Yahoo! Mail, you can maybe use POP3 with a mail app and forward multiple emails.

      Let us know if it works for you. Thanks!

  1. I have saved a bunch of gmail drafts and would like to send them at the same time. Some to the same person and some to different persons. Any way to do either of those?

    • Hey Jerry,

      You might want to take help of Google search to see if there’s a way to do that. The above guide only teaches how you can forward multiple emails at once in Gmail.


  2. The current browser does not support this feature. Please upgrade to a newer browser.

    Doesnt work on latest Chrome!

    • Hi Thomas,

      Apparently the new Chrome update has broken the compatibility. The developer should come up with a fixed version soon.


  3. Great app, thank you! One improvement would be to send all the multiple emails on one go as attachments like Outlook does. But I am very grateful for you adding the existing functionality as well! Thank you.

  4. Actually, sorry, I am going to have to take that back! I needed to forward 47 emails to one person and when I checked that 47 emails had been sent, I assumed all was well, however, now I actually look at what was sent, it’s a mess! I do have 47 sent mails, but many of them are duplicates forwarded multiple times (as in they have many forward headers at the top). Now I have no idea which messages actually were sent and which were not – clearly some were not because I have 47 sent but because of the duplicates, clearly many are missing. Not impressed!

    • Look at the authorization it asks for – this app is a total violation of privacy, you people should actually READ before accepting anything!
      it can manage your mails, contacts and basically all your gmail. Do not use it.

      • Hi sam,

        When I tried the app on my side, it worked just fine without any issues!

        I believe the new version of the app has brought these issues. And I also believe it’ll be soon sorted out by the developer.


  5. Its working properly , very simple and easy , full marks to developer :)
    sent 90 mails in one shot
    thanks for saved my time

  6. I authenticated while in my business account, the one I wanted to use but the greeting screen showed my personal email address NOT the one I was using and it’s now just stuck in a loop putting me back to the greeting screen.

    • I haver the exact same problem. It is stuck in a loop and keeps asking me to authenticate. PLEASE HELP!?

  7. Dear Mahesh,

    Thank you for the wonderful app. Somehow the app stopped working after multi forwarding about 85 emails approximately. What can I do now ? All the forwards are failing and it prompts to retry all the time.Please give me a solution…thanking you in advance.


    Shefali Doshi

    • Hi Shefali,

      We’re glad this helped you!

      As for it not forwarding the emails after having forwarded 85 emails, did you check you’ve exceeded the limit of the emails you can send in a single day in Gmail? Gmail only allows 500 emails to be sent in a single day and make sure you haven’t exceeded that limit or it won’t send further emails.


  8. Dear Mahesh,

    It worked quiet well for me and I was able to forward about bunch of emails. Thanks for your information.

  9. I am having the same issue as Tim.
    just keeps going to the ‘you’ve been authorized’ screen
    Can’t get to steps 6 & 7

  10. I just tried using the app and it’s working! Hope it can help me more and finish up all need to transfer!

    Thank you!

  11. Dear Mahesh,
    I totally agree with SAM who posted on Feb.19, 2016.. about the privacy of our emails, contacts and basically everything.
    Its a nice app & very helpful without any question..But it is trespassing our account also which is not acceptable. What about our Security Boss?? & if you’re replying to all queries who is this guy, Mr. Karan? Sorry I don’t want to get sarcastic..

    • Hi Phoenix,

      As for your security, it’s actually a user who allows the service to use his Google account by clicking on “Authorize”.

      When you click Authorize, you do understand what the app does and that you trust it. If you don’t trust it, just never click the Authorize button, as simple as that.


  12. Dear
    When I see the option ” your message is being forwarded……” immediately i recieved an errorr “multi forwarded undefined”. So as a result my emails are not forwarded. Please help me.

    Sardar Kakar

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