How to Forget a Network on Your iPhone

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Connecting to a Wi-Fi network with your iPhone is easy and achievable with just a couple of taps on your screen. Once you’ve connected, you can choose to automatically join whenever you’re in range. But what happens if, for one reason or another, you need to forget a network?

Fortunately, it’s just as easy to forget a network as it is to join. This article runs through the steps to forget a Wi-Fi network on your device.

Why Would You Want to Forget an iPhone Network?

You may want to forget a network on your iPhone for numerous reasons. One of the most common is that the Internet doesn’t work. In such a case, disconnecting and reconnecting may fix this problem.

If you’ve switched your Wi-Fi provider or are about to upgrade your router, you may also want to forget your current network before these changes take effect. The same is true if you’re moving out of the area, won’t be returning, and won’t be keeping your existing Internet services.

Some users may also want to forget a Wi-Fi network for security reasons. Some public networks threaten privacy and security, and the chances of something going wrong increase if your iPhone automatically connects without you knowing.

How to Forget a Wi-Fi Network on Your iPhone

Regardless of the reasons you want to, the steps to forget a network on your iPhone are identical. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

1. Unlock your iPhone and go into “Settings.”

2. Once you’re in this app, go to “Wi-Fi.”

3. When you find the network you want to forget, click on the blue “i” button.

Screenshot of an iPhone's settings showing a blue "i" button

4. Select “Forget This Network.”

Screenshot showing the option to forget a network on the iPhone

5. After choosing the above option, your phone will send a pop-up notification asking you to confirm your decision. Choose “Forget.”

Screenshot showing the option to forget an iPhone network and confirm it

Note: to forget a network on your iPhone, you don’t necessarily need to be connected to it.

How to Rejoin a Forgotten Wi-Fi Network

If you want to rejoin a forgotten Wi-Fi network on your iPhone, it is easy to do so. Just because you forgot the network earlier doesn’t mean you’re banned forever.

1. Once your iPhone is within range, go back into “Settings -> Wi-Fi.”

2. In the list of networks that show up, tap on the one you want to join.

If the network has no password, you’ll join straight away. But if it does, you’ll need to enter this and click “Join.”

Screenshot showing where a user can enter the password for a Wi-Fi network and join

If you needed to enter a password and the details are correct, you should connect as soon as you’ve clicked on “Join.”

Forgetting a Network on Your iPhone Is as Easy as Connecting to It

While connecting automatically to your home or office’s Wi-Fi is convenient, you might not want to join every network without your phone seeking your permission. Luckily, forgetting a network from your iPhone is a straightforward process.

If you’ve forgotten a network because the Internet isn’t working, consider resetting the router and waiting a few minutes. If you’re concerned with security, it’s wise to think about whether to trust a specific public Wi-Fi network.

Danny Maiorca
Danny Maiorca

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