Folder Menu: A Simple, Yet Useful Way To Improve Your Productivity

There are plenty of ways to increase your productivity and having a quick access to various shortcuts in definitely one of the most discussed way. Folder Menu is a AutoHotKey script that allows you to quickly jump to your favorite app/folder with a single mouse click. It is a small, yet powerful and highly customizable script that can greatly improve your productivity.

There is no installation required to use Folder Menu. Download Folder Menu and extract it. Double click the FolderMenu.exe to run it.

Once it is running, you can click the middle mouse button (or the scroll wheel) and a popup menu will appear showing all your favorite folder. In places where the middle mouse button is not supported (for example, in the browser), you can press Win + W keyboard button to bring up the menu.


To navigate to a sub-folder, hold the “Ctrl” button while clicking.

Turn on the CapsLock to toggle between the normal click and “Ctrl + click”.

The default menu contains shortcuts to your recent files, the commonly accessed C drive, Program Files, Windows and System 32 folder, applications and websites. There is also a Filter option where you can toggle hidden files.

To configure Folder Menu, bring up the popup menu and go to “Folder Menu -> Options“. Here is where all the fun begin. You can add/remove items to the menu and choose which applications should show up in the list.


List of applications that it supports include:

  • Windows Explorer
  • Open/Save Dialog
  • MS Office Open/Save Dialog
  • Command Prompt
  • 7-Zip File Manager
  • WinRAR
  • FileZilla
  • Total Commander
  • Unreal Commander
  • Free Commander
  • Emacs
  • rxvt


If you don’t like the middle button (or Win + W) to bring up the menu, you can also change the hotkey to the one that you like. Better still, you can add your custom hotkey to bring up certain menu, for example setting Win + E to bring up the Explorer menu.


FolderMenu is available for Windows only, and you don’t need to install AutoHotkey to use it. It is comparable to the Quick Cliq that we have previously reviewed, but it is more lightweight, versatile and user-friendly. What do you think?

Folder Menu


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