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When you’re trying to draw customers’ eyes to your product or service, presentation counts. We’re so used to how content looks on the Web these days that it’s very hard to stand out. If you can do something to make your material a bit flashier, it can make a big difference.

There’s a reason so many businesses still print up glossy brochures –- they’re easy to hand out. But there’s also something nice about flipping through paper. The Web can’t bring that level of tangibility, but thanks to FlipBook PDF, it can approximate it.

What Is FlipBook PDF?

This is the type of product where the name describes almost exactly what it does. It takes your PDF files and turns them into a digital flipbook, with sleek-looking page-turning animations as you turn the pages. Screenshots don’t really do the service justice, as you really need to see it in motion to see the full effect.

If you’re looking to take your well-formatted but otherwise plain-looking PDFs and give them a bit of visual flair, this is a great way to do it. Whether it’s an internal document for your business or marketing materials, it can help your content stick in the minds of whoever may look at it.

FlipBook PDF Features

The digital flipbooks created by FlipBook PDF are viewable on most any computing device you can think of. This includes Windows and macOS computers, iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone. Basically, any device that can view HTML5 websites will be able to view the flipbooks.

When you create your flipbook, you immediately get a link to view your flipbook online. You can send this to anyone you want so they can view it too. This is true for both the free and PRO versions of the service.

Flipbook Pdf Review Example

You can also choose between different formats for your online flipbook. The A4 format, which is vertically oriented, is meant for catalogs, while the horizontally oriented A5 format is perfect for brochures. This is independent of how your PDF is formatted, so you don’t have to worry about creating your PDF specifically to suit the flipbook.

All these features require virtually zero tech skills. If you can operate a computer well enough to read this article, you’ll be able to use FlipBook PDF. The service handles all the heavy lifting for you, letting you focus exclusively on the content.

Using FlipBook PDF

Getting started with FlipBook PDF is simple and easy. Simply head to the website and hit the Browse button to choose a file from your computer to upload. Then tap the “Convert Now” button to get started.

Flipbook Pdf Review Convert

The conversion process will take a while, depending on how long your PDF is. Once it is complete, you’ll see a page that offers you a few different options. You’ll want to enter your email address, as the service will email you a link that lets you get back to this page in the future. You’ll also see a link to your newly-created online flipbook.

Another link takes you to the admin area of the flipbook. This lets you customize various aspects like the format, background image, title, description, and whether viewers see a link to download the PDF. You can also download the flipbook as HTML, which is perfect if you want to host it on your own website.

Flipbook Pdf Review Admin

You can see an example of a finished flipbook at this link.


Most of FlipBook PDF’s functionality is available in the free version, there are just a few limits. You’re limited to 20 pages per book, and your flipbook will be branded with a FlipBook PDF logo. You also only get one year of hosting, after which you’ll need to host the flipbook yourself.

FlipBook PDF PRO costs $29.90 per year and removes the limits above. This means not only can you brand the flipbooks with your own logo, but you get an unlimited number of pages and free lifetime hosting. Another feature not available in the free version is access to the members area, where you’re able to manage the various flipbooks you’ve created.

Flipbook Pdf Review Pricing

The included hosting might not be a big deal if you already run your own website. That said, more and more businesses these days don’t have websites, especially smaller businesses. You might manage your entire online presence via Facebook and other social media platforms. If this is the case for you, the hosting for your flipbooks makes the PRO yearly subscription price an even better value.


When it comes to marketing your products or services, you need every advantage you can get. While it may seem simple, a solution like turning your standard PDF into a glossy-looking digital flipbook might be just what you need. FlipBook PDF may not be the only service that does this, but it works as advertised and is easy to use.

The price is low enough that when it comes to marketing your business, it’s practically a no-brainer. That said, you don’t have to try it blind. The free version offers more than enough to make sure the product is going to work with your marketing materials. If you’re happy with the results, you can purchase the PRO version to gain access and remove the limitations of the free version.

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