Need Flashcards? 5 of the Best Flashcards Apps for Android Users

For the average student, a proper flashcards app is an indispensable part of school life. They’re a key part of learning material quickly and easily. Instead of pages of notes, these apps guide you through difficult materials using an effective memorization hack known as spaced repetition. What that means is you learn by going over your flashcards repeatedly, slowly increasing the time between intervals. It allows you to recall information “just before you would forget it.”

There are a seemingly endless number of Android flashcard apps out there. These apps represent the best of the bunch – and they’re all free!


This app is more or less an extension of the website. Link the tool to your account, and it transfers your study materials right on your phone. You have the option of creating a custom deck or making use of a whopping 75,000,000 different flashcards.

Cram lets you study in two different modes. In “Cram Mode,” quickly speed through flashcards to learn as fast as possible. Meanwhile, “Memorize Mode” hides cards you’re familiar with, instead focusing on anything you have trouble memorizing. The app is available for use even when you don’t have Internet access.



AnkiDroid is one of the most popular flashcard apps for Android. It shares its name with the AnkiDroid Open Source Team that made it available. Ideally, this tool is meant to be compatible with the desktop application Anki. Android users can add information from their Anki account or create flashcards directing using the app. Additionally, Ankidroid lets you add material from the dictionary. Text-to-speech technology is also available for app users.



This powerful memorization tool from Quizlet is also highly shareable. In addition to making your own custom card decks, you can make use of several million cards created by other Quizlet users. You can share study materials with classmates. If you’re a teacher, it’s great for helping your class practice and remember concepts ahead of important tests.

Quizlet is an amazing flashcard app, as there are so many different ways to use it. It’s great for SAT or ACT prep, learning new languages, or building vocabulary. If you happen to be learning a new language, Quizlet contains pronunciation tools.


Want to impress your teacher with your school essays? You’ll probably want to become familiar with the official flashcard app. Of the different Android flashcard apps, is perhaps the best for vocabulary-building purposes. Create custom cards or review 70,000 pre-existing flashcards. Share your cards through social media or study in your spare time, even when not online.

One of the best aspects of this handy app is that you can adjust it according to your grade level. You’ll be able to memorize words at your own pace without feeling lost or confused.

Super Flashcards


Super Flashcards from Hillman Works is probably the least well-known app on this list. However, it’s a very well-designed and visually appealing flashcards app. If you have a Quizlet account, you’ll find the Super Flashcards app was created with compatibility in mind; download any of your Quizlet study material right onto the app. If you don’t want to import flashcards, you can create your own image- or text-based cards.

You have the option of taking a picture with your camera to create an image flashcard or importing an image from your gallery. You can even draw a picture on the screen! Super Flashcards has two modes: “Normal” and “Endless.” Normal shows you cards at random; however, Endless helps you build memorization by focusing attention on any card you’re having trouble with.


Who said studying had to be tedious? Flashcard apps like these help alleviate the monotony of learning, often by using games or timed activities. They help you to challenge yourself, hacking your brain in ways that allow you to learn and remember practically anything.

Have flashcard apps helped you with test or essay preparation? Do you have any favorite memorization tools or techniques? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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