Android ROM Series: How to Flash a Custom Recovery on Your Android Device – Part 2

If you have read our previous article about what root, custom recovery, and custom ROMs are, then by now you should be familiar with the term Custom Recovery. In brief, a custom recovery is a third-party recovery that you can flash on your Android device and enjoy a number of features it has to offer. One of the main reasons why people use a custom recovery is for flashing custom ROMs. There are hundreds of custom ROMs available on the Internet, and the most efficient and easy way to get them installed on your device is to use a custom recovery.

In the guide below, we will walk you through how you can flash a custom recovery on your device and then get started with flashing ROMs.

The two most popular custom recoveries are – ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery and TWRP Recovery. We will show you how you can install both of these recoveries on your device in the guide below. Read on to learn more.

Note: Before you can flash a custom recovery on your device, you have to have root-access on your device. There are thousands of different Android handset around and each of them has a different rooting method. Just Google it for your device, and you should have a root method to root your device.


Unless you have been living under the rock, you know that there is a developer named Koush who has developed a custom recovery called ClockworkMod Recovery that is used by thousands of Android users all around the world. The features that the recovery has are simply awesome. You can create backups, restore backups, flash ROMs and do a lot more things with the CWM Recovery.

1. Install ROM Manager from Google Play.

2. When the app has been installed on your device, launch it from your device’s main menu.

3. The first screen of the app has a lot of options. Tap on the one that says “Recovery Setup”. It should be the first option on the screen.


4. On the screen that follows, tap on the “ClockworkMod Recovery” option. It means you are telling the app to flash CWM Recovery on your device.


5. You will then be taken to the screen where your device model will be verified. A list of phones will appear on your screen; tap on the one that is yours.


6. You are all set to have a custom recovery flashed on your device. Just tap on the option that says “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery” and leave the rest of the job to the app.


7. It should let you know as soon as it has flashed the recovery on your device.

Congratulations! You have successfully flashed the ClockworkMod Recovery on your Android device using the ROM Manager app.

To reboot into the recovery mode, open ROM Manager, tap on the option that says “Reboot into Recovery,” and your device will instantly go into the recovery mode.

Okay, that was all about ClockworkMod Recovery. Let’s see TWRP Recovery now.


Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is a custom recovery similar to the CWM but has some features and an interface that looks much different than the CWM one. In case you are not satisfied with the CWM Recovery and want to flash a different recovery, the TWRP Recovery is here for you.

Again, make sure your device is rooted, and then follow the following steps to get the TWRP Recovery flashed on your Android device.

1. Install GooManager.

2. When the app has been installed on your device, launch it from your main menu.

3. Press the Menu button and select “Install OpenRecoveryScript”. Hit Yes when prompted. It is for flashing the recovery on your device.


4. The next screen verifies the model number of your device. If everything is correct, hit Yes and it will then download and install the recovery on your device itself.

5. It will inform you when the recovery has been installed on your device.

After flashing the recovery, tap on “Reboot recovery” option in the app and your device will go into the TWRP Recovery mode.

Your device has now been successfully equipped with the TWRP Recovery.

Getting a custom recovery installed is the first step towards customizing an Android device, and we hope the guide above will help thousands of users to get a custom recovery installed on their device.