How to Fix YouTube When It is Not Working

I have to admit that I can’t go a day without watching at least one video on YouTube a day. When it’s not working, I feel like there is something seriously missing. When this happens, I always try the basic fixes first.

When the basic fixes fail, that’s when drastic times call for drastic measures (more or less). Keep reading to discover what those fundamental and not so basic solutions are. That way you can get YouTube up and running as soon as possible.

Check Downdetector

Whether you’re using YouTube on your Android or iOS device (through Chrome), Downdetector is a sure way to know if YouTube is down or it’s you.


By checking this site, you can save yourself some valuable time. You won’t waste time trying solutions that are not going to work since YouTube is not working for anyone.

Check Your Internet Connection

This is obvious. If you are not connected to the Internet, you won’t be able to watch a YouTube video. Check your Internet connection first. If is it not working, check your Wi-Fi/Lan connection or if the router is turned on.

Fix YouTube Not Working in Chrome

If you are using Chrome to watch YouTube videos, one of the best ways to determine if the problem lies with the browser is to use another browser like Firefox to access YouTube. If it works, then you can conclude that the problem is with Chrome.

Update Chrome to Latest Version

The first way to fix this is to see if you’re using Chrome’s latest version. To check what version of Chrome you’re using, click on the three vertical dots at the top-right of the browser.

Place the cursor on the Help option, and click on “About Chrome.” The browser will start to check to see if there are any updates available. If Chrome is up to date, it will let you know; if not, it will begin to download the update automatically.


Restart Chrome

You can also try restarting Chrome like you usually would. If YouTube is not working after this, check to see if Chrome was really closed by using the Task Manager. On your keyboard press Ctrl + Alt + DEL, and your display will change colors with the Task Manager option being the last one down. Click on Task Manager, and when the window appears, click on Chrome, followed by “End task.”


Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is designed to help Chrome run more smoothly. This feature is what provides you with the sites you browse with the help of the graphics processing unit and the central processing unit. Problems happens when the graphics card can’t handle this feature.

1. Access Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top-right of the browser or type chrome://settings and press Enter.

2. Scroll all the way down, and click on Advanced. Under the System section, the second option down will be Use hardware acceleration when available. Make sure this option is toggled off.


Here is where you’ll need to restart the browser once you’ve turned off the option. Go back to Settings, and under privacy and security, click on “Content Settings.” Make sure the “Allow JavaScript” option is toggled on. Once you’ve done this, restart Chrome.


Clear Chrome’s cache

Your Chrome browser could be caching an older version of the YouTube page that causes the videos not to play. The following shows how to clear Chrome’s cache.

1. Open Settings.

2. Scroll all the way down and click “Advanced.”

3. Scroll further down and click “Content Settings -> Cookies -> See all cookies and site data.”

4. Click the big “Remove all” at the top-right corner. Click “Clear all” to confirm.


5. Restart your Chrome browser, and access your YouTube videos now.

Fix YouTube Not Working in Android

Update YouTube App

A newer version of the YouTube app could be available to fix the issue in the older version. Open Google Play, and tap on the hamburger icon at the top-left. Select “My apps & games,” and the first tab will be the updates tab. If there is an update available, it will be sitting right there.

Clear the app’s data and cache

Clearing the app’s cache will only remove temporary data, and deleting the app’s data will erase any settings you’ve made. To do this, go to “Settings -> Applications -> Application manager -> YouTube -> Storage -> Clear data/Clear Cache.”


Make Sure Date and Time are Correct


Not having the date and time on your device set to the correct settings can cause syncing issues. To fix this, go to your device’s settings and swipe down to Date and time. Make sure the Automatic date & time option is toggled on.


When YouTube shows you an error, it would be nice for it to also show you how to fix it. Until that day comes, it looks like you’ll have to turn to the trial and error method. What error do you frequently come across with YouTube?

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