WhatsApp Not Working? Here Are the Fixes

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WhatsApp is a widely popular instant messaging app, so when it is not working, people get frustrated. Occasionally, users will come across issues where WhatsApp does not work or crashes. Problems like WhatsApp not connecting, not sending or receiving the message, the app is shutting down frequently, etc., are some of the common issues you may come across. Here we show you several methods to fix the WhatsApp not working issue on your phone.

Check for Outage

Before you fiddle with your phone to fix the WhatsApp not working issue, you should first check if there is any server outage. Notably, if there is a server outage, then there is nothing you can do, as everyone using WhatsApp will be facing this issue, as it is a server-side problem.

Downdetector Whatsapp Not Working Issue

In order to check for server outage, you can either visit Downdetector or Outage Report. These websites will give you a report if WhatsApp is facing server issues and will tell you which countries are affected.

Clear Cache

If WhatsApp is still causing trouble, then another workaround is to first force-stop the app and clear its cache. Basically, force stop will stop the app from working in the background, and clearing the cache will delete all the temporary files of the app.

To perform a force stop in Android, you need to go to “Settings -> Apps -> WhatsApp.” Tapping on the app name, you will see a “Force stop” button. Tap on it to stop the app from running.

Whatsapp Not Working Force Stop

Next, you need to clear the cache data. Right below the three buttons you will find the Storage options. Select the “Clear cache” option, then open WhatsApp and see if the problem is fixed.

Turn off VPN

VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) is a great way to gain access to content that is not available for your country. Moreover, it allows you to hide your Internet presence, bypass regional content restrictions, and use apps like WhatsApp in countries where it is not available.

Vpn Whatsapp Not Working

However, a VPN could be one of the reasons you are having issues using WhatsApp properly. You will face issues connecting calls, experience delays in sending/receiving messages, etc.

If you use WhatsApp with a VPN, or use VPN for other apps, then make sure you have turned off the VPN. It will solve the problem of WhatsApp not working.

Keep WhatsApp Up to Date

Most bugs on any app can be fixed via a new update. Developers are constantly working on fixing the bugs that have been reported by users. If you and others are facing issues with WhatsApp, then chances are a new update will have a fix for it.


It is advised to keep the WhatsApp application, or any app for that matter, up to date. This will keep you away from bugs and issues you may be facing with an older version of the app.

Check Phone’s Storage

The WhatsApp not working issue could also possibly be because your phone is running out of storage. WhatsApp requires space for proper functioning, to store media files that you send or receive within the app, install updates, etc.

Storage Full

You should maintain at least 1GB of free space on your phone to ensure WhatsApp works properly. You can also move all the stuff to an SD card to clear the internal storage.

Ensure Background Data Is Not Restricted

Some users have reported they are not receiving WhatsApp messages and notifications. If you are also facing similar issues, then you should make sure that you have not put background data restrictions on WhatsApp.

Background Data Restrictions

To make sure background data is not restricted, open the Settings menu on your phone, then go to “Apps -> WhatsApp -> Mobile data & Wi-Fi.” Make sure the Background data toggle is set to ON. This ensures WhatsApp has access to the Internet while running the background.

Wrapping Up

Using the above methods, you should be able to fix the WhatsApp not working issue on your phone. If you are concerned about the WhatsApp privacy issue on your phone, check out some of the best WhatsApp alternatives.

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