1. “How to Fix the Ubuntu Login Loop”
    It’s not like Ubuntu is the only game in town like Windows. There are literally hundreds of other Linux distros that one can use that do not have this login problem. If Canonical is not capable or unwilling to fix this, they can keep their distro.

    1. Look for “linux login loop” and you’ll realize it’s not just a Ubuntu thing.

  2. I have used every version of Ubuntu including the current 18.10 and never have I seen this happen on any device. I would say the user is at fault with messing something up.

  3. .Xauthority is regenerated on each new login. You can just delete the old one instead of changing ownership or permission on it.

    1. That’s great.

  4. Try Ubuntu Mate. Traditional desktop. Community developed. And I at least have never had this problem.

    1. I just got this problem with Ubuntu-MATE 19.04 few minutes ago!
      This page (happily first on google when searching “Ubuntu 19.04 cannot login” save my day

      1. I came here after upgrading to Ubuntu 19.10, for me GDM3 failed and after typing my users password simply shot back to login, of course switching to alt-ctrl-f2 works, but randomly it would display the contents of my graphical desktop behind my terminal screen, almost taunting me with what I couldn’t graphically touch.
        Switching from GDM3 to LightDM got me my graphical desktop back.
        I use Ubuntu for my laptop and accessing my Steam account on the go, but now with how weird the ride has been with Ubuntu not knowing where they want to go with their distro, I might just switch to OpenSuSE.

  5. please be clearer. Do you actually use username:username or fill in your actual ubuntu username. Thanks for a good article

  6. I trie the ls -lah command but

    no File name .Xauthority appears

    please help

  7. I have seen this at least twice. If it is known and short of common issue why haven’t they psyched it by now?

  8. Ctrl + Alt+F3 gets me to a login prompt but still no go logging in. What next?

    1. Same problem here: when I’m entering the password, bum, login incorrect. Anyone knows how to fix this bug? Please help! :)

      1. I reinstalled Ubuntu and all now good.

  9. I just had this bug on my device running ubuntu MATE. After trying the strategies described in this post I noticed that I get an error message about bash not being able to create temp files due to too little space. I uninstalled some software with apt and it worked. Might be worth trying if the other solutions weren’t any good.

    1. How did you uninstall software if I may ask.. I have the same problem, but don’t know how to uninstall anything in the terminal and I don’t know what

      1. If you’re on Ubuntu or Mint the command:
        sudo apt remove (name of your package)
        should work. I’m not sure about other Linux distributions though.

    2. Same issue for me. The partition was actually out of space.
      I used “sudo apt-get autoremove” and uninstalled a few packages with “sudo apt-get uninstall “and was enough to get through the login screen.

  10. Command sudo is available in /user/bin/sudo
    Sudo: command not found?

  11. Nothing of this solutions worked for me.
    But after a few hours I got the idea.

    Try to think about which programs do you installed before your last reboot.
    Maybe one of this programs or libraries causes this login loop.
    In my fault I think the ‘indicator-multiload’ tool caused my login loop.
    However… After uninstalling it my Ubuntu login works perfect again. :)

    1. Thanks Man I had exactly the same problem

  12. I just had it stuck at the next screen when it should show the login prompt – it just showed a solid wine coloured screen (with a subtle Ubuntu at the bottom).

    I was using a virtual machine (VirtualBox) and the fix was to change the Display setting from VMSVGA to VBoxSVGA. Phew!

  13. Thanks for your blog. It really helps me. I finally realized that it’s the permission problem !

  14. Hi guys, for me it was an permission issue, $home was changed to own to root instead of my user, so I’ve changed the owner and it’s woarking again. It occurs after kubernetes installation.

  15. I got the login loop after “Ubuntu Software Updater” updated some GPU libraries. I’ve fixed it by downgrading of all libraries.
    This answer helped me https://askubuntu.com/a/34908

  16. After running all the command I am unable to get my graphical login screen..can you please help me?

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