1. “How to Fix the Ubuntu Login Loop”
    It’s not like Ubuntu is the only game in town like Windows. There are literally hundreds of other Linux distros that one can use that do not have this login problem. If Canonical is not capable or unwilling to fix this, they can keep their distro.

  2. I have used every version of Ubuntu including the current 18.10 and never have I seen this happen on any device. I would say the user is at fault with messing something up.

  3. .Xauthority is regenerated on each new login. You can just delete the old one instead of changing ownership or permission on it.

    1. That’s great.

  4. Try Ubuntu Mate. Traditional desktop. Community developed. And I at least have never had this problem.

  5. please be clearer. Do you actually use username:username or fill in your actual ubuntu username. Thanks for a good article

  6. I trie the ls -lah command but

    no File name .Xauthority appears

    please help

  7. I have seen this at least twice. If it is known and short of common issue why haven’t they psyched it by now?

  8. Ctrl + Alt+F3 gets me to a login prompt but still no go logging in. What next?

  9. I just had this bug on my device running ubuntu MATE. After trying the strategies described in this post I noticed that I get an error message about bash not being able to create temp files due to too little space. I uninstalled some software with apt and it worked. Might be worth trying if the other solutions weren’t any good.

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