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Spotify Web Player should be one of the most-loved websites in the world, as it lets you access the Spotify musical universe directly through your web browser. It’s kind of brilliant but also terribly flawed, with many people reporting that it’s not working properly or at all on various browsers. Here are some fixes for the Spotify Web Player not working.

Open Web Player in Private Window

Before moving onto the bulk of the tips in this list, you can do a quick check to see if there’s an extension or feature in your browser that’s interfering with the Web Player.

How do you do this? Just try opening the web player in a private window. By default, this launches a browser window without extensions, cached data, and so on, which can sometimes interfere with Spotify’s functionality.

Spotify Web Player Not Working Private Window

To open a private window in Chrome, click the three-dot menu icon at the top right, then “New incognito window.”

To open a private window in Microsoft Edge, click the three-dot menu icon at the top right, then “New InPrivate window.”

If Web Player works fine in a private window, then you should clear your browser cache and also try disabling extensions one by one to see which one was causing the problem.

Enable Protected Content

If you try to open Spotify Web Player but get a message that “Playback of protected content is not enabled,” then you need to make sure that you enable protected content in your browser.

Spotify Web Player Not Working Enabled Protected Content

If you’re using Chrome, go to chrome://settings/content, then scroll down to “Protected content” and enable “Allow site to play protected content.”

If you’re using Firefox, go to the Spotify Web Player site, click the shield icon to the left of the URL bar, then click “Turn off blocking for this site.”

Spotify Web Player Not Working Enabled Protected Content Firefox

Clear Cache and Flush DNS

If your Web Player is launching and seems to work fine except for the fact that it’s not playing music, you should try flushing the DNS cache on your system. This will refresh your PC’s DNS cache, which should make sure the next time you log in that its domain name gets properly registered.

To do this in Windows 10, hit Win + R, then enter ipconfig /flushdns.

Spotify Web Player Not Working Flush Dns

If you’re a Mac or Linux user, don’t worry. We have guides for how to flush your DNS on Mac and how to flush your DNS on Linux, too.

Bad News for Safari Users

Bad news for Mac users. If you are or were a Web Player user on Mac’s native Safari browser, then you can no longer use it. Spotify has attributed this to various updates that eventually rendered Spotify unusable.


It doesn’t sound like Spotify closed the door indefinitely, though, as the company said: “We can’t say if or when any specific features will be back. But as soon as we’ve got anything to announce, we’ll let everyone know via the Spotify Community.

We’ll keep this guide updated if anything changes, but for now, Safari is a no-go for Spotify Web Player. You may want to check out the options for Safari alternatives.

Songs Won’t Play

If Web Player is loading and looking like it should work properly but no music is playing, there are several things that could be causing this.

A potential quick-fix is to select an album you want to play on Spotify, click the three-dot icon next to a song in that album, then select “Copy song link.” Paste this link into your browser address bar, hit Enter, and it should jolt Web Player to life, playing the song.


That failing, some users have reported that the issue can be caused by using Spotify across multiple devices. With Spotify open in your browser, grab your phone or tablet and open Spotify on that.

Tap the “Settings cog -> Devices,” then try switching between the different devices displayed before selecting “Web Player” as the option to listen on. This kind of switch-up can trigger the Web Player to work properly again.


In Spotify Web Player, click the “Connect” button at the bottom right and make sure “This Web Player” is selected.


Spotify Web Player Not Working at All

If the Web Player is refusing to load at all, the first thing you should do is clear the cookies in your browser. This varies slightly from browser to browser, but it should be under Settings, then Privacy or History. Clear the cookies, restart your browser, and see if it works.


Spotify Web Player may not be perfect, as the above guide shows, but with a few tweaks and a few creases ironed out, it does a pretty good job as a stand-in for the full-fledged app. Its redesign earlier in the year has made it resemble the Spotify app much more, too, which is a welcome change.

If Spotify just doesn’t do it for you anymore, then see our list of the best Spotify alternatives. If you’re looking for free music, then also take a gander at some of the best free music download apps for Android.


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