How To Fix Flash Player Crashes Issue in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the default browser for most of the users as it is easy to use and packed with features. However, there are some problems with Google Chrome that users don’t tend to find a solution to. One of them is that Flash Player crashes randomly without any reason. This happens especially when you are playing videos in the browser which require Shockwave Flash Player functionality.

Why does the Flash Player Crash?

Digging deep into the problem reveals that the new versions of Google Chrome come pre-installed with a custom version of Flash Player. Most people will download and install Flash Player from Adobe which is available for all applications including Google Chrome.

The problem with Google Chrome is that it runs a custom version of Flash Player alongside the Adobe’s version of Flash Player. When both of them run simultaneously, it results in plugin conflicts, frequent browser slowdown, and even browser crashes.


Fixing the Flash Player crash issue – Run Flash Player on-demand

If you want to keep both versions of Flash Player enabled (obviously for no reason), you can disable the Flash feature and activate it only on demand. In this way, video (and other Flash content) will only start playing when you click on it. To change this setting, do the following:

1. Go to Google Chrome Settings -> Show advanced settings.

2. Under Privacy, go to Content settings. Note: You can type “chrome://settings/content” in the omnibar to quickly access the Content Settings.


3. Under Plug-ins, select “Click to play”.


This will put a placeholder in place of the videos and other Flash content like advertisements etc. When you click on the placeholder, Flash content will be enabled. Doing this will not crash the whole Google Chrome browser. Even if it crashes, only the current tab will be affected.

Disable one version of Flash Player inside Chrome

If you want to completely eliminate the chance of browser crashing, you will need to disable either one of the Flash Player plugins in Chrome.

1. Open Chrome browser and type the following in the address bar: chrome://plugins/

2. If you see (2 files) right after Adobe Flash Player, you are loading two versions of Flash Player in Chrome at the same time.


3. Click on the Details link at the top right corner which will expand Adobe Flash Player and will display details about the two installed versions of Flash Player.


4. Disable one of them (preferably the Adobe’s version) so that Chrome only loads one version when running Flash content.

5. Restart Google Chrome and see if everything works fine. To make sure there are no conflicts, type this in address bar: chrome://conflicts/


If you are still having problems with browser crashing, you may want to experiment with disabling the two versions alternately to see which plugin causes the crashes.


These conflicts occur due to the handling of Flash content by Google Chrome. While Firefox and other browsers rely on Adobe’s version of Flash, Chrome goes ahead to integrate it into the core. This may be very useful for most users who don’t take the pain to install Flash separately but Google should address this problem of conflicting Flash Player plugins. Have you encountered this problem while using Chrome? Are you able to fix it using the above mentioned methods?


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