How to Fix the “err_cache_miss” Error in Chrome

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome

You’re happily browsing in Chrome when you suddenly get an error message. Typically, the “err_cache_miss” error in Chrome appears when your connection is interrupted while submitting data, such as payment details when shopping online.

Don’t panic or worry. This error happens sometimes. Knowing why it happens and how to fix it is the key to getting around it the next time it happens.

What Causes the err_cache_miss Error in Chrome

In order to fix the “err_cache_miss” error in Chrome, you have to know why it’s happening. As the name implies, the error involves your cache. This is why you often get the error when you try to submit a form, but the connection gets interrupted somehow.

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Form

The data is vital for the next page to load, but since the connection stopped, the page isn’t able to read your cache correctly or data wasn’t stored at all. Data is temporarily stored, as it’s passed from one page to the next. When you log in to a webpage, that’s why every other page you visit afterward shows that you’re logged in.

The problem can happen on your end or due to a browser error. You have more control over fixing the problem if either of these are the cause. However, sometimes it’s the website’s server that’s the issue, and there’s not much you can do at that point. But you can troubleshoot to figure out the cause and fix it if possible.

Refresh the Page If Safe

Often, the err_cache_miss error in Chrome happens when passing data, such as filling out a form to create a new user account. Simply refreshing the page may do one of two things. First, it may simply reload the original page with a blank form. Or, it may try to resend the data you originally submitted.

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Refresh

The latter sounds great, right? You don’t have to re-enter anything. However, when you get this error, it doesn’t mean your data wasn’t transmitted successfully. Honestly, you don’t have a clue unless you try to verify it.

For example, if you created a new user account and got the “err_cache_miss” error in Chrome, you could try opening a new page and logging in to your account. If it doesn’t work, then you’ll know you need to refresh the original page.

In most cases, you have nothing to lose. But if you’re submitting an online order or paying a bill, you could end up performing the transaction twice. Instead of refreshing, log in to your account on a separate webpage or even a different browser. Check to see if your transaction went through. It’s better to wait a few hours if necessary than do the transaction twice by accident.

You can also simply close and restart Chrome completely. This won’t refresh your page unless you allow Chrome to open all previously opened tabs.

Update Chrome

Sometimes, the “err_cache_miss” error in Chrome happens due to using an older version of Chrome. If the error is happening often and on multiple sites, it’s a good sign this might be the problem.

Open the menu at the right side of the Chrome window and choose “Help -> About Chrome.”

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Help

If it’s out of date, Chrome automatically starts checking for updates. You can also check for updates manually by pressing Check For Updates under Google Chrome.

If you’re up to date, you’ll see a checkmark and the message “Google Chrome is up to date.”

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Update

Disable Problematic Extensions

Chrome extensions are perfect for adding functionality and speed to your browser, but they don’t always play nicely with websites. Instead of helping, some extensions interfere with your connection to a website and how your browser caches files.

Try disabling your extensions, especially any you’ve recently added, to see if that stops the error from recurring.

In a Chrome tab, enter chrome://extensions/ to see a list of all current extensions you have installed along with whether they’re enabled or disabled.

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Extensions

Disable an extension by using the toggle switch on the right or remove it completely using the Remove button. Adblockers are common culprits. You can use your adblocker extension settings to whitelist a site if you’re having issues.

Clear Your Cache

It’s hard to know if you have corrupted cache files until you get an error message. However, the “err_cache_miss” error in Chrome sometimes occurs when you have corrupted files. Instead of being able to read necessary files, the website halts the connection because the cache isn’t working right. This throws up the rather unhelpful error message.

Go to Chrome and open the menu at the top right. Select Settings and go to “Privacy and security.” Choose “Clear browsing data.”

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Clear

Select the Advanced tab and set the time range to “All time.” Ensure everything is checked and click the “Clear Data” button. This can take a few seconds to complete.

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Clear Data

Reset Your Network

If you’re still getting the “err_cache_miss” error in Chrome, there’s one final thing to try. If this doesn’t work, and you aren’t getting the error on any other sites, the problem is likely with the website itself. The site owner should have the problem fixed in a few days.

Resetting your network settings helps refresh your DNS and Internet connection. This isn’t usually the cause, but it does happen occasionally.

Open your Start menu and type cmd. Choose the Command Prompt option.

How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Cmd

Enter each of the following commands one at a time into the Command Prompt window. Press “Enter” after each one to execute the command. Enter the next command in line after the previous one is finished.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset
How To Fix The Err Cache Miss Error In Chrome Ip

You may need to restart your computer when you’re finished. Always start with the simplest troubleshooting step first. If in doubt, try contacting the website owner to see if the error might be on their end. They’re usually happy when someone lets them know something may be wrong with their site.

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