How to Fix ‘Err_Connection_Reset’ Error in Chrome Browser

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While Chrome is the most popular browser, it is not without bugs. There are times where it will give you errors you never want to deal with.

One of the most common errors is the “Err_Connection_Reset” error. To be able to fix this error you need to know why it appears.

What Is the err_connection_reset Error in Chrome

The “err_connection_reset” is an error you will come across when Chrome can’t form a connection or doesn’t have a very stable one. Your computer is not able to process the connection, and that’s when you see that dreaded error message.

How to Fix err_connection_reset Error in Chrome

The first step consists of checking your Internet connection whether by checking to see if the modem is on or that it’s not disabled on your computer for some reason.

Check to see if you can establish a connection to other sites or if it’s only that one site. It could be that that particular site is having problems. If you’re using Wi-Fi, keep in mind that things such as doors, walls, radio frequencies, etc., can interfere with the signal.

If you’re using a VPN, that could be the reason why you don’t have a stable connection. With a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can go through constant ups and downs with your connection to the Internet.

To fix the error, you can try changing servers. Try a server that you think may not be used as much as the one you’re currently using. For example, let’s say that you use NordVPN. When you click on the dots (that will appear when you place the cursor over the name of the country), you will see various servers with a percentage. Choose one with a low rate.

Error Vpn

Eliminate Your Computer’s Proxy

To get rid of the Proxy, open the Run box by pressing the Win and R keys. Type inetcpl.cpl and press Enter. The Internet Properties box should appear. Click on the Connections tab followed by LAN settings.

Error Lan

Make sure that the box that says “Use a proxy server for your LAN” is unchecked. Check the box that says “Automatically detect settings.”

Error Uncheck

Check Antivirus Settings

Antiviruses do such a good job that they can sometimes block sites that are not a threat. Try going into your antivirus’s settings so that Chrome can be whitelisted.

If you don’t have an antivirus and are using Windows Defender, you can whitelist Chrome by going to “Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Firewall & network protection” and clicking on the first option that says “Allow an app through firewall.”

Error Firewall

In the next window make sure that you can see Chrome and that the box to the left of it is checked.

Turn Off AppEx Networks Accelerator

Don’t let its name fool you since AppEx Networks Accelerator can slow down your Internet connection. To turn this option off, go to “Settings -> Network & Internet -> Ethernet -> Change adapter options.”

Use Chrome’s Cleanup Tool

You can also try Chrome’s Integrated cleanup tool to remove anything that might be causing the problem. The quickest way to access the feature is by typing chrome://settings/cleanup. Click on the blue Find button to get things started.

Error Cleanup

Reset the TCP/IP

Another possible solution to this error is to reset the TCP/IP that your devices use to connect to the Internet.

To do this, you’ll need to run the Command Prompt as the administrator. You can do this by typing “command prompt” in search, and when it appears in the results, right-click on it and choose “Run as administrator.”

When the command prompt appears, type the following commands:


Unfortunately, this is an error all Chrome users come across, but with the above-mentioned tips, you now know how to fix them. What do you think may be causing this error on your computer?

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