Think Notifications Are Being Delayed on Your Android Device? Here’s How to Fix It

Think Notifications Are Being Delayed on Your Android Device? Here's How To Fix It

Android has a great notification system that notifies you whenever there is a new message or an app alert. You can see these notifications when you pull down the notification bar from the top of your screen.

However, for push notification (notifications that are sent from a remote server), there is often a delay (a couple of minutes) between the time the event happens (such as a new email) and the time you receive the notification. So who is the culprit here that is causing the delay? Well, in order to collect new notifications, your device has to connect to the Google servers and fetch new notifications from there at a specific interval. That interval is what causes the delay.

So anything that arrives in between the specified interval time gets delayed. If you are bothered by this, there is an app that lets you manually specify the fetch time for the notifications on your device so that you get them on time.

Note: Your device must be rooted in order for the app to work. You can find more information about rooting Android devices in one of our guides here on this site.

Fixing the Notification Delay Issue

Head over to the Google Play store and download and install the Push Notifications Fixer app on your device. It’s a free app.

Once the app has been installed, launch it from the app drawer on your device.

When you first launch the app, it should ask you to provide Superuser permissions. Tap on the “Grant” button to provide required permissions, and it will let you go ahead.

Provide required permissions.

On the first screen of the app, you will see an option that says “Mobile heartbeat interval.” Tap on it as it will let you specify the fetch time for your notifications.

Specify the fetch-time for your notifications.

You should now see several predefined interval times that you can select from. According to the app, 6 minutes is the recommended time that you should select. So, tap on it and you should be done.

6 minutes is the recommended time.

What you did was set the interval time for when you are using the data connection on your device. To specify the inaterval for when you are on a WiFi connection, tap on the “Wi-Fi heartbeat interval” option located on the main screen of the app.

Specify it for when you are on a WiFi connection.

The app recommends you to set it to 5 minutes as the interval time for WiFi heartbeat. Tap on it and it will be selected.

Set 5 minutes as the interval time for WiFi heartbeat.

Once you are done configuring both the options, tap on the “Apply settings” option to apply the new settings.

Apply the new settings.

It will tell you to either toggle the network connection or reboot your device. To be on the safe side, simply reboot your device.

Reboot your device.

And you are all done. Your push notifications should now arrive faster on your Android device.


Missing notifications for a really important task is not a good thing. The above solution should help you fix the issue to receive notifications as soon as an event occurs.

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