How to Fix Contact Names Showing as Numbers Only in iOS

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A bug has recently popped up in iOS in which it appears that all of your contacts have been deleted with the contact names not visible in any phone call logs or messages. Instead, you can only see your contacts’ phone number in place of the contact names. This can undoubtedly cause confusion and panic for a regular iPhone user, giving the impression that you’ve lost all your contact names and information from your iPhone.

Missing Contact Name Ios Number

However, a quick glance at the Contacts app will erase your suspicions, as you’ll find that your contacts are present and intact. The display issue is usually due to a simple error and usually temporary with a quick resolution.

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We’ll walk you through troubleshooting this issue and how to fix your contact names not showing on your iPhone.

Reboot Your iPhone

The simplest solution to such an issue is to restart your iPhone. This usually fixes the missing contacts’ names. (Rebooting can also fix Apple Pay problems.)

You can either power off and then power on the iPhone as you would usually do, or you can do a hard reboot. To Hard Reboot / Force Restart your iPhone, follow the steps below:

Force Restart All iPhones without Home Buttons (iPhone X +)

1. First press and release the Volume Up button.

2. Press and release the Volume Down button.

3. Press and hold the Power button.

4. Keep on holding the Power / Sleep button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen. This shows that your iPhone has successfully restarted.

Force Restart All iPhones with a Home Button

Press and hold the Power button and Home button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen. This will let you know that your device has restarted.

Once your iPhone has successfully restarted, relaunch the Phone app and Messages app, and you should see the contact information restored and visible as normal.

Check iCloud Contacts Settings

Another possible reason for the contact names not appearing in your Phone and Messages apps is that iCloud Contacts is not enabled. This can happen if you recently enabled iCloud Contacts and then disabled it later.

1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on your iCloud ID on the top of the screen.

Missing Contact Name Ios Icloud

3. Tap on iCloud and look under App Using iCloud. Make sure that “Contacts” is toggled to ON and enabled.

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In the case that this fixes the issue, you may need to keep iCloud Contacts on in order to have the contact names appear in your apps. This is more of a temporary fix, but it should be resolved in an iOS software update.

We recommend keeping iCloud Contacts on because of their ease of use and the fact that you can quickly and easily restore them to your device in case your contacts mistakenly get erased.

Using the two methods described above, you should be able to easily fix the missing contact names issue on your iPhone. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any other fix for this issue.

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