How to Fix Scrolling Not Working Issue in Chrome

You’re using Chrome like any other day, but for some reason the scrolling is not working. The scrolling feature works fine on other browsers but not on Chrome. Since this is something that you continuously do to move around on a site, this is something that needs to be fixed ASAP.

If you notice that this also happens on other browsers and programs, there is a good chance there is something wrong with your mouse. But, if this only happens on Chrome, the following tips should help you fix the issue.

Reset Chrome

If you don’t mind starting over, resetting Chrome might fix the scrolling issue. To wipe Chrome clean, go to “Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Restore settings” to restore the settings back to their original defaults.


You should see a window with a warning letting you know that by resetting the settings, all your extensions will be disabled. Also, you will lose anything you ever personalized with Chrome. If you’re okay with that, click on the blue “Reset Settings” button.


Erase the User Profile Data

If you prefer only to erase the Chrome user profile data, press the Win and R key to open RUN. Once it’s open, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\.


Press Enter. When the new window appears, find the folder that’s named “default.” Rename that folder to “default.backup.” You can undo this if you ever change your mind by renaming the folder back to “default.”

Disable Smooth Scrolling

Turning off smooth scrolling has worked for some users. To give this option a try you’ll need to head to the experimental features part of Chrome. Type chrome://flags//.


Type “smooth scrolling,” and the option should be highlighted in yellow. Click on the drop-down menu to the right and choose “Disabled.”

How to Use Chrome’s Built-in Cleaner

There is a built-in tool in Chrome that can find any harmful software that could be causing your scrolling problems. To use it, click on the three dots at the top-right of the browser and go to Settings.


Scroll all the way down and click on Advanced. A new set of options will appear, but you’ll need to find the section that says “Reset” and click on the option that says “Clean up computer.” Click on the blue “Find” button, and Chrome will start searching. This could take a while so you might want to go get your cup of coffee now.

An Extension Could Be the Problem

Did the problem start soon after you installed a Chrome extension? Try uninstalling the last few extensions you added, and see if the problem continues.

If the problem continues, you can try using Chrome in Incognito or guest mode, and if you can scroll again, then one of the older extensions could be the culprit. While this solution could be time-consuming, you can try disabling them one by one to see which one is the offender.


With technology, you can’t always know what caused an issue to occur. When the cause is unknown, all you can do is the trial-and-error method until you come across the solution that works for you. Which one worked for you?

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