How to Fix Your Android When It Has a Weak GPS Signal

Just about every device has GPS included. It’s almost a standard feature that you expect every device to have. But, some factors are going to influence the quality of the GPS signal – things such as ROM, how the device is made, the configuration, and the software play an important role.

Thanks to GPS you can use navigation apps such as Google Maps and other location services to tag your geo-location correctly. Those who play augmented reality games know the importance of a good GPS signal. But what can you do when the GPS signal is giving you problems?

1. Turn on Improved Accuracy Mode

If you want the best possible signal, then it looks like you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. You’ll need to use more battery than you’re used to. But if a good GPS signal is all that is important to you, then it shouldn’t be a problem.


Swipe down from the top of your display and tap on the “Location” icon. Long-press on it and you should be taken to the Location options. Tap on “Improved Accuracy” and make sure that you have toggled on WiFi Scanning and Bluetooth scanning.

2. Determine If the Problem is Hardware or Software Related

If your GPS problems are hardware related, you’re not going to find a method that will work. To find out if it’s hardware related or not, install an app called GPS Essentials. When you open the app and are in the app’s main menu, tap on the “Satellites” option. You should now see how your phone connects to satellites around the planet.


If you do see your phone connecting, but your GPS is still out of control, then you’re looking at a software issue. If you don’t see any satellites, then it could either be because you have metal objects near you that are interfering, or it’s hardware related.

3. Your Apps Could Be the Culprit

The Android OS can get complicated at times and so can your apps. Sometimes the way those apps interact with each other can cause those GPS problems.

For example, if you run various location-based apps such as Google Maps and FourSquare, you could easily face GPS problems such as a weak signal. Task Killers have also been known to close background location services and can also be responsible for your GPS problems. Try getting rid of any Task Killer on your phone and uninstall any location-based apps you don’t need.

4. Recalibrate Your Compass

Sometimes the fix can be as easy as recalibrating your GPS. You can do this by using a compass app. Some phones already come with one, but if yours doesn’t, you have quite a few to choose from on Google Play.


Hopefully, you still have the GPS Essentials app installed on your phone. Open up the app again, and this time tap on the Compass icon. Pick up your phone and rotate it vertically three times. Make sure to keep the phone flat and move it slowly.

Once you’re done moving it vertically, spin your Android from back to front but this time vertically. Make sure to do this three times. Last but not least, you’ll need to flip your phone horizontally from back to front. Do this three times as well.

Easy Fixes

Refresh Your GPS – Swipe down from the top of your display and toggle the GPS option. You can quickly turn your GPS on and off from the notifications shade. When you turn it off, make sure to wait five seconds before you turn it back on.

Remove Your Phone’s Case – Sometimes the solution is as easy as removing your case. Every one of them is made differently, and maybe the one you have on your phone is affecting your phon’s GPS.

Toggle Airplane Mode – This has also been known to help, and it can easily be done by swiping down from your display. Turn it on and wait fifteen to twenty seconds before you turn it off again.

Try Going Outside – GPS sensors need a clear view of the sky for them to work properly. Like I mentioned in the beginning, even how your phone is made can influence the quality of your phone. If you have a phone that might not be good quality, try this easy fix.


Android users are going to have to deal with GPS problems sooner or later. That’s why it’s always a good idea to read up on how to fix these problems before they appear. How do you try to deal with your Android’s weak GPS signal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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