How to Fix the Android Screen Rotation Not Working Issue

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Have you come across an issue on your Android device where the screen won’t rotate when you turn it sideways? Many users have reported that the screen orientation on their phone is locked, and they can’t view any content in landscape mode, as the screen refuses to rotate. Luckily, there are some methods you can try to fix the Android screen rotation not working issue.

Here are some of the most common reasons behind the Android screen rotation not working:

  • Third-party app
  • A service controlling auto-rotation on your phone
  • Faulty G-sensor and accelerometer
  • A bug in the firmware
  • You are touching the screen as it rotates

Now that you know the causes of the Android screen not rotating, let us check out the solutions.

1. Turn Auto-Rotate On

Android Screen Rotation Not Working Auto Rotate

This is one of the most commonly-made errors by users. Before you do anything else, double-check that you have enabled the auto-rotate option. You can find it under “Settings -> Display.”

2. Restart Your Phone

Android Screen Rotation Not Working Auto Restart

Another easy method to fix the Android screen rotation not working is to restart your phone. Restarting your phone resets all the files and starts them from scratch, making everything run properly.

3. Check Third-Party Apps

There could be some third-party apps preventing the auto-rotation feature from working properly on your phone. It is recommended that you restart your phone in “Safe Mode,” allowing you to find out whether a third-party app is causing your phone to misbehave.

To start your phone in Safe Mode, press and hold the power button, then tap and hold the “Power Off” option until a message pops up to reboot your device into Safe Mode.

Safe Mode Reboot

Once in Safe Mode, check whether the screen rotation is working on your phone. If it is working fine, then a recently installed app could be the culprit, and you need to uninstall it.

4. Calibrate Sensors on Your Android Phone

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then the sensors on your Android phone could be faulty or miscalibrated.

Android Screen Rotation Not Working App

You can recalibrate the sensors on your phone by using an app called Physics Toolbox Sensor. Available for free in the Play Store, it allows you to test the sensors on your phone and calibrate them to fix the Android screen rotation not working issue.

5. Update Your Android Device

There could be a bug in the firmware version that your Android device is running on, causing the screen rotation issue. Phone manufacturers constantly push new software updates, that along with some new features also include bug fixes for such issues.

Software Update

It is highly recommended that you install the latest firmware on your Android device first, keep it up to date, and second, install the latest bug fixes on your phone.

6. Don’t Touch the Screen

Auto Rotate Not Working

When you are rotating the screen, you must make sure that your fingers are not touching the screen of the device. Sometimes, while holding your phone, you may be brushing the edges of the phone with your fingers. This will prevent the screen rotation from working properly.

7. Restart the App

Android Screen Rotation Not Working Force Stop

If you are facing a screen rotation problem on a specific app, then you can try to force-stop the app and restart it. Do this by simply long-pressing the app icon, then selecting the “App Info” option. Under the “App Info” menu, you will see the option to “Force Stop” the application.

8. Download the Rotation Control App

Rotation Control App

Interestingly, there is an app called Rotation Control that has helped several users fix this Android screen rotation not working issue. This app prevents other apps from changing the orientation of the screen. Once installed, a new menu bar will show up when you drop the notification shade. From here you can select the rotation feature and see if this works.


The above methods should fix your Android screen rotation not working issue. If none of the above work, perhaps it is time for you to visit the repair shop. Read on to check out our other guides on fixing the Android delayed notifications and mobile data not working on Android issues.

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