Five Free Clipboard Managers for Windows

The default Windows Clipboard Manager, known as Office Clipboard, does not offer much functionality that would be useful to many people. It can hold 24 items, either text or images, that can be used throughout the different Microsoft Office applications. If a person adds a 25th one, the oldest item gets deleted. There is copy history to an extent. If you close your application, the items are contained in the Office Clipboard. However, if you turn your system off, all your copied items get deleted. Here are five free clipboard managers that have additional functionality lacking in the default Windows clipboard manager.

1. Clipomatic

Clipomatic is a simple Clipboard Manager that can hold different sets of items in your system, even when you turn it off. After installing it, you will see an icon in your system tray.


The default is ten items, but you can go to the Settings and increase the amount of items that it holds up until 64 items.


This is only text-based items.  Clipomatic doesn’t support images. However, it’s very useful if you are trying to save and retain code that you don’t want to continuously enter.

As stated above, you are able to have different sets of data that you can recall at any time. It’s a good way to group different sets of data.


Clipomatic is good if you want a simple Clipboard Manager that can copy+paste text. However, if you want to retain images and HTML code, then this isn’t the Clipboard Manager for you.

2. PasteCopy.NET


PasteCopy.NET adds a ton of functionality to a Clipboard Manager. It can hold text, images, RTF, CSV, and HTML data that can be stored as long as you want. The Clipboard Manager is multilingual, and supports data in different languages. Additionally, it provides a way for you to covert to/from .RTF, HTML, and text.


Another great option is the capability of exporting out of the program, if need be. Currently, the only file type that it exports to is .RTF. You are able to add categories, which are groupings of data, that you can name whatever you want. When you copy an item, PasteCopy provides a way for you to view a preview of the item. This is useful if you have many items copied and want to see what each one is. You are also capable of customizing the behavior of PasteCopy.NET by changing how you convert the files, data preview, and how it works with Windows.



One thing that they need to think about modifying in the future is the lack of right-click capability. For instance, if I want to rename the Category name, I have to click on the Category, and then go up to Edit->Edit Item. This can be frustrating to some people.

Overall, PasteCopy.NET is a neat program that definitely enhances the Clipboard Manager. Nevertheless, it needs to think about simple functionality like right-clicking.

3. Clipboard Magic


Clipboard Magic is a text-based, multilingual Clipboard Manager. It looks like a Notepad program that has clipboard capabilities. You are able to import as much as you want with no restrictions. You are able to customize Clipboard Magic by modifying the the look and behavior of the it.


You are able to organize your clips in lists. One of the neat things about the program is that you are able to append an existing list to the current one you are creating. Furthermore, you are able to import/export text files in the program.


A flaw with Clipboard Magic is that it doesn’t provide a way to format the list. Everything is free hand, which can be a problem. Also, you have to manually cut+paste into the program. It doesn’t automatically do it for you. However, it allows you to drag and drop text into the program.

4. Ditto


Ditto is a Clipboard Manager that supports many different types of files. It is a single interface that truncates copied items into rows. You are only able to import files that were created in the system. When you hit copy+paste, it automatically saves in the program. As with the previous Clipboard Managers, Ditto allows you to create groupings of clips.


One great thing about Ditto is that you are able to share clips between different systems. You just need to add the system information in the Friends tab.


Ditto even provides statistics that helps you understand how you are using the Clipboard Manager.


Ditto is no doubt a robust Clipboard Manager. It will be the best if it includes the import/export functionality found in other Clipboard Managers.

5. M8 FreeClip Board


M8 FreeClip Board is a simple Clipboard Manager. You are able to copy+paste text and images in the program. Unlike the other Clipboard Managers, M8 FreeClip Board can only hold up to 25 items. One of the best features of the Clipboard Manager is its editor. It organizes the clips in truncated rows. When you want to view a specific clip, you just hover over it with your mouse, and a preview window will display the clip.


You are also able to select specific programs to copy clips from. There is an option to enter program you do not want to capture clips from. It’s like a blacklist.

m8_selected program

You can pick and choose buttons that will extend the functionality of the Clipboard Manager. You are able to add the capability of filling out forms, viewing clips on an Internet browser, emailing clips, and various other buttons.


To get the ability to add lists, contain more clips, and other functionality that is lacking in this Clipboard Manager, you need to upgrade. The free version provides the basics of a Clipboard Manager that you need, so it should be fine, unless you want more features.

Which is your favorite Windows Clipboard Manager?

Image credit: parpiflickr