Just in Time for Summer, Fitbits Are on Sale at Amazon, $30 to $50 Off

If you were looking forward to getting in shape this summer, this will be great news for you. Fitbits are on sale at Amazon, three different models. No matter the color or size, you’re bound to find one that’s just right for you. With these reduced prices, you can possibly also buy one as a gift for Father’s Day. Maybe you can get fit together.

With the Fitbit Charge 2, you can track your activity all day as far as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed, etc. You can also get the best out of your workouts by targeting a heart rate zone. The stats can be synced to computers and many iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

If you’re looking for a little more, you can go with the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. Not only can you track all your activity, but you can also get notifications and the use of apps, although the notifications may require the use of an Android. The results, though, will sync with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. It will also play music that you can listen to while you work out.

For the perfect accessory for your Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, you can pick up a pair of Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphones. They can be paired up with up to two devices, including the Fitbit Ionic; Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones; and Windows and macOS computers. They come with interchangeable ear tips, wings, and fins, as well as an adjustable cable. You’ll get up to six hours of play time and can do a quick charge in an hour. They have two sound settings and also allow you to answer calls.

Get your choice of Fitbits from $30 to $50 off.

Fitbits on sale at Amazon

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