What Will Be the First Tech Item You Buy in 2019?

Did you get all the technology you asked for when you opened up your gifts during the holiday season? That’s okay if you didn’t, you can just resolve to buy it for yourself, whether it’s a smart speaker, new phone, a tablet, or software. Even if you received everything you asked for, you may still be looking to add to your tech collection. What will be the first tech item you buy in 2019?

Our Opinion

Simon answers, “definitely a new phone!” He’s not sure which phone he wants to get at this point, but his current phone is “definitely beginning to feel the strain of keeping up with modern times.”


Fabio reports he’s getting a new phone, laptop, and tablet – “Not sure which ones, but in that order.”

Sayak just got a new portable mic, the Samson Go Mic, but he’ll be needing new computer accessories very soon, including a new powerful graphics card for gaming, such as GeForce. He’d like a new pair of headphones for music and calling as well and is wondering who will be gifting it to him.

Kenneth and his friends are planning a five-day hike to Mt. Kenya, rock climbing a 5.199m mountain, so he’s planning on buying a high-capacity power bank. He’s considering the Anker PowerCore 26,800mAh, since it’s portable, has a fast charge, and can charge his phone five or six times to full capacity on a single charge.

Phil will be buying a VESA stand for his 21″ monitor he inherited. It’s currently sitting on a pair of throw pillows. What he already bought is a “really fancy retro copy of a 1930s wired telephone” to go on his desk that plugs into the SIP router he uses with his landline. He thinks his desk “now looks like it belongs to a film noir detective.”


Alex is planning on buying a new processor, as his “Ivy Bridge chip is finally starting to show its age, and the time has come to upgrade.” While his instinct is telling him to stick with Intel for Hackintosh capability, he’s been exploring successful AMD builds as well. Much like Apple, he’s “none too impressed with Intel’s release schedule or chip quality.”

I am really itching to get the new iPad Pro. The question is if I will break down and get one or not. I’ve been an iPad user since iPad 2, but for some reason the Pro never interested me –Yeah, until now. I may end up buying a new iPhone as well if my iPhone 7 starts to go. My family may be the reason iPhone is losing money. Our iPhones are all working so well that we don’t need to replace them every few years. I’d rather buy new iPads.

Your Opinion

How about you? Are you looking for a phone? iPad? Headphones or a power bank? Do you have something else entirely? What will be the first tech item you buy in 2019? Join our conversation in the comments below.

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