Five Best Firefox Extensions for Social Media Enthusiasts

Five Best Firefox Extensions For Social Media Enthusiasts

As social media networks continue to dominate the Internet, one often looks for ways to manage his various profiles or share the same content on multiple platforms. It could get a little burdensome to visit each website one after the other, but thankfully there are addons that can save time for us.

Here are five Firefox extensions to speed up your social media experience, making it easier to keep in touch with friends or share content with a few clicks. Unless otherwise stated, they can be installed from the official Firefox addons website by clicking the “add to Firefox” button.

1. Facebook Messenger Panel

Facebook Messenger Panel for Firefox allows you to access your Facebook messages right from any page on your browser (without opening Facebook itself).


By toggling the extension icon on the browser panel, you can see the online status of friends and start conversations with them without having to leave your web surfing experience.

All you need to do is log in with your Facebook details and enjoy a seamless chatting experience with your buddies.


Buffer is used to share updates with connected profiles from any webpage. Most websites have built in support for sharing, but if you’d like more functionality, the Buffer extension for Firefox is a nice one to have.


You need to sign up for a free Buffer account and connect your social media profiles before you can use this plugin.

Once that is done you can easily share content on multiple platforms with a single click. Just click on the Buffer icon on the browser panel whenever you’re on a page you want to share, and you will see options to schedule the update for a specific time or share the post immediately.

Where Buffer really shines is that you can create specific times for updates to be posted on your social media profiles. You can build a queue of content that would be posted for you automatically at those times you have specified without you having to do anything else.

3. Search in a Giphy

Search in a Giphy brings a powerful search engine for animated gifs to your browser and enables you to search for and copy-shortened URLs of gifs for use on various social media platforms fast and easily.


You can see the trending gifs which are updated every hour as well as make a custom search for virtually any type of gif. You can also view gifs by category.

Now that Facebook supports animated gifs, Search in a Giphy is one important tool that will allow you to express yourself in new fun ways.


4.Pinterest Pin Button

Pinning images to Pinterest just got much easier with the Pinterest Pin Button extension which collects all the images on a webpage and allows you to pin anyone you select to Pinterest.


By clicking the Pinterest icon on the browser panel on any page, the addon gathers all the images and places them inside a special panel in a descending order according to the image dimensions and shows the “Pin it” button once you hover over your choice image. Just click on the button to pin it to Pinterest, and get on with your web surfing quick and easily.

5. RiteTag

RiteTag is an absolute must for every Social Media marketer. It is a useful tool for viewing hashtag analytics right from within your posts editor and provides visual feedback on the strength of the hashtags you use in your updates.


Just install the add-on from the developer’s website, and you will see a purple tag at the top or base of your favorite sharing tool that works instantly as you type.

RiteTag is compatible with TweetDeck, HootSuite, Buffer and SproutSocial as well as the default editors for Facebook, Twitter and Google+, so no need to deviate from your normal workflow.

Do you use any social media extensions? Or do you have any other favourite addons for Firefox? Let us know in the comments section.