How to Find and Change Your Steam ID

Knowing your Steam ID is essential if you want to link your account to third-party sites that give you usage information, organize your library and so on. Thanks to one of these sites, I’ve discovered that I’m going on 2000 hours of gaming in my Steam life, which, would you believe, isn’t as high as I’d feared.

However, Steam doesn’t offer any information about how to find your Steam ID (it’s not the same thing as your username and profile name), so we’re going to show you a couple of ways to do it and how you can change it to something more personal and memorable.

Find Your Steam ID Using URL View

In the interest of keeping things looking clean, the Steam platform doesn’t show the URL for each page within your visit. However, the URL reveals your Steam ID when you visit your profile page, so we want to turn it on.

One option is to log into Steam through a web browser, go to your profile, and make a note of the number.

Alternatively, you can enable URL view in the desktop client. To do this, click “Steam -> Settings -> Interface,” then tick the box that says “Display Steam URL address bar when available.”


Now, go to your Steam profile page. (Click your username to the right of “Community” at the top of the Steam window, then “Profile.”)


You’ll see the URL of your profile page near the top of the page. Your Steam ID is the number (or name if you changed it manually at some point) at the end of the URL, so it will look something like:

How to Change Your Steam ID

For the most part you should be able to use your Steam ID as is for all the third-party sites you may want to link your account with, but for some reason, sometimes these sites don’t like you using the long Steam ID number and don’t work with it. In this case (or if you just want a more familiar Steam ID), it’s good to change your Steam ID.


To do this, on your Steam profile page click “Edit Profile.” A few options down on the new page you’ll see the “Custom URL” box. Here you’ll see your Steam ID and have the option to change it to whatever you would like. When you’re done, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes.”


You Can Also Use the Steam Mobile App

If you don’t have access to the desktop client, there’s a Steam app available for both iOS and Android¬†where you can go to your profile page and select “Edit Profile” to find and change your Steam ID.


It seems strange that Valve would make it so complicated to access something so fundamental to your Steam account, but mega-corporations work in mysterious ways us mortals couldn’t possibly understand.

Either way, now that you have your Steam ID you can find out all kinds of crazy information about your account and game-playing habits from third-party sites. I particularly like this Steam library filter¬†which is a great way of finding specific game types if you have a huge library (an it’s handy for tracking down all your local multiplayer games for couch sessions).

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