How to Find Your Steam ID And Customize It

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Knowing how to find your Steam ID is essential if you want to link your account to third-party sites that give you usage information, organize your library, and so on. However, Steam doesn’t make it overly obvious how to find it (spoiler alert: it’s not the same thing as your username and profile name), so here we show you a couple of ways to do it and how you can change it to something more personal and memorable.

What Is a Steam ID

At first, you might think your Steam ID is just your username or profile name. However, multiple users can share the same profile name, so your account still needs a unique identifier. This is where the Steam ID comes into play.

The Steam ID is a 17-digit number that’s completely unique to you. This number can never be changed, not even by Steam support staff. You can set a custom URL to make it easier for people to find your community profile, but the ID number is still tied to that URL and your account.

How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It What Is Steam
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You are free to change your profile name at any given time. In fact, Steam even keeps a list of previous names to help other users find you. You can also delete past names if you want.

The two most significant differences between your profile name and Steam ID can be summarized as follows:

  • Profile name can be changed, but the Steam ID can’t.
  • Steam ID is unique, but the profile name doesn’t have to be.

There’s also one more thing to keep in mind. In addition to a profile name and Steam ID, you also have a username or account name. This is the unique name you use to log into Steam. It’s a private name, contrasting with your profile name. But, like your Steam ID, your username can’t be changed.

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Ways to Find Your Steam ID

Learning how to find your Steam ID isn’t really difficult. In fact, there are several methods. Each one gives the same result, but you may find one is easier than the others.

  • Via your account’s details – A easy method that digs through Steam’s settings.
  • Using a multiplayer Valve game – This only applies to certain games. If you don’t have a multiplayer Valve game, you’ll need to choose another option. However, this is an incredibly easy option.
  • With URL view – Finding your Steam ID can be as simple as turning on the URL view in the desktop client or visiting your profile in any supported browser.
  • Using Steam ID Finder – Search for your Steam ID64 using this lookup tool. You can search using your custom URL to find your ID number.

Of course, you don’t have to just stick with a boring ID number. If you don’t already have a custom ID, you can quickly change from a number to something much easier to remember within your profile settings.

Find a Steam ID Using Account Details

The simplest method of all is to visit your “Account Details” page in Steam.

  1. Open Steam and click your profile name near the top right corner of the screen.
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Profile
  1. Select “Account Details.”
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Profile Account
  1. You’ll find your Steam ID directly under your account name (aka username).
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Profile Account Id

Find Your Steam ID Using Valve Game

This tip only applies to people who own a multiplayer Valve game but may prove to be the quickest if you already have one installed. Otherwise, skip down to the next heading.

  1. Open a multiplayer Valve game like Counter-Strike, DOTA, or Left 4 Dead 2.
  2. Go to “Options -> Keyboard -> Advanced -> Enable Developer Console -> OK.”
Find Change Steamid Valve Game 2
  1. Join or host a game, then press the ~ key (usually it’s on or to the left of the 1 key) on your keyboard and enter the console command “status.”
  2. Your SteamID should appear next to your name.
Find Change Steamid Valve Game 3

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Find the Steam ID64 (Friend ID) Using URL View

In the interest of keeping things looking clean, the Steam platform doesn’t show the URL for each page within your visit. However, the URL reveals your Steam ID when you visit your profile page, so you might want to turn URL view on. The ID displayed here is the ID that can be used to track a Steam user’s community page, stats, and so on.

  1. One option is to log in to Steam through a web browser, go to your profile, and make a note of the number.
  1. Alternatively, you can enable URL view in the desktop client. To do this, click “Steam -> Settings.”
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Steamsettings
  1. Select “Interface” and tick the box that says “Display web address bars when available. Click “OK” when you’re done.
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Steamsettings Display
  1. Click your username next to “Community” at the top of the window and select “Profile.”
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Steamsettings Profile
  1. You’ll find your Steam ID just above your profile at the top of the page. The ID is the 17-digit number. If you previously created a custom URL, you won’t see a number, but a name instead. Don’t worry, you can use other methods to find the actual numerical ID. If there are numbers, you should see something like
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Steamsettings Profile Url

Find Your Steam ID If You Have a Custom URL

If you’ve already changed your Steam ID at some point to a custom URL because, let’s face it, most of us can’t remember a 17-digit number, here’s how to find the ID number again.

  1. Open your Steam profile. Select your username and choose “Profile.”
  2. Click “Edit Profile” on the right.
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Custom Edit
  1. In the “General” section, delete anything in the “Custom URL” box. Your Steam ID should then appear underneath this box. Once you have it, you can put your custom URL back in the box.
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Custom Edit Url

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Find a Steam ID Using Steam ID Finder

If you set up a custom URL but now need the actual ID number, you don’t have to go through the hassle of deleting the custom URL just to view the number underneath it.

Instead, you can use a free Steam ID search tool such as Steam ID Finder, which is accessible via most browsers on desktop and mobile devices. The great thing about this is it works with multiple ID types/formats, including:

  • SteamID – These begin with the word STEAM followed by seven digits, such as STEAM_0:0:11101.
  • SteamID3 – This is another shorter format that may be displayed with or without brackets, such as [U:1:22202] or U:1:22202.
  • SteamID64 – This is the most common ID type and includes a string of 17 digits, which is what we’ve referred to throughout this post.

Since you’re trying to find your ID number, you’ll want to enter your custom URL, which is listed in your profile settings. You can enter just the custom portion or the full URL.

Enter your custom URL in the search box.

How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize Search Id

You’ll get a results page with your ID number and profile name. You’ll see your ID in every format available, just in case you need a specific format for a certain site or game. The SteamID64 (Dec) is the most common format, though.

How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize Search Results

How to Customize Your Steam ID

For the most part, you should be able to use your Steam ID as is for all the third-party sites you may want to link your account with, but for some reason, these sites don’t always like you using the long Steam ID number, and may not work with it.

In this case (or if you just want a more familiar Steam ID), it’s good to change your Steam ID.

  1. On your Steam profile page, click “Edit Profile.”
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Custom Edit
  1. In the “General” section, scroll until you see “Custom URL.” Just below the box is your current Steam ID number. You’re free to change this to whatever you want, but it needs to be unique.
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Custom Edit Url 1
  1. Once you’ve entered a name, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save.”
How To Find Your Steam Id And Customize It Custom Save
  1. You can also change your profile name on the same page as your custom URL. It’s in the “General” section as well.

How to Find and Customize Steam ID on Mobile

If you don’t have access to the desktop client, there’s a Steam app available for both iOS and Android.

  1. Log in to the app and tap your profile icon in the top right corner.
How To Find Your Steam Id Mobile Profile
  1. Tap “View Profile” under your profile name.
How To Find Your Steam Id Mobile Profile Views
  1. Tap “Edit Profile” to view customization settings.
How To Find Your Steam Id Mobile Profile Edit
  1. Enter your desired custom URL in the “Custom URL” box. You’ll also see your Steam ID below this box if it’s empty.
How To Find Your Steam Id Mobile Profile Edit Url
  1. You can also find your Steam ID by tapping your profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select “Account Details.”
How To Find Your Steam Id Mobile Profile Account
  1. Your ID is under your account name near the top.
How To Find Your Steam Id Mobile Profile Id

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I merge another account under the same ID?

No. Steam’s terms and conditions state that this can’t be done. While you’re free to quit using one account and ask for it to be deleted, any games and achievements can’t be moved to another ID.

While you can’t merge accounts, you can add non-Steam games to your library to have all your games in one place.

Can I change my Steam account name?

Just like your ID, your account name is set. However, you can change your profile name. This is the alias that you play under. If you don’t like the default one you’re given when you create an account, log in to your account, open your profile, and select “Edit Profile.” Change your profile name to whatever you’d like (if it’s not already taken by another player) and save your settings.

Can I change my Steam custom URL again?

If you decide your custom URL isn’t for you, you can simply delete it to return to the original Steam ID or change it to something else. Your URL and profile name can be changed at any time. You just can’t change your ID number or account name (the name you log in with). Remember, if you change your custom URL, your previous URL can then be used by any other user, meaning you may not be able to get it back.

If I have two accounts and delete one, can I use the same custom URL?

If you’re wanting to delete a second account, whatever custom URL you were using on it will be deleted too. This means you can use it on your remaining account. You can also just delete the custom URL on the second account and add it to your first account if you want to keep both accounts.

If I link my account to a third party using a custom URL, what happens if I change the URL?

If you delete your custom URL or change it, you may need to re-connect to any third-party accounts. Some sites/games automatically update when you make changes since it’s all ultimately tied to your Steam ID. But, if you have issues, try reconnecting using your new URL.

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