How to Find Out Who Unfollows You on Twitter with Qwitter

The larger our Twitter following becomes, the harder it can be to track down who unfollows us and why they do so. When you are utilizing a Twitter account that reaches out to a lot of followers, losing them can be devastating to your credibility. Normally when you lose followers on Twitter, you may not even notice because Twitter does not tell you this by default. By using a service like Qwitter, you can avoid losing followers by finding out who unfollows you on Twitter and why.

Once you have signed up an account with Qwitter, you will have to wait a week’s time for your first unfollow report. When the unfollow report arrives, you will be able to see a a breakdown of the top three followers who unfollowed you.


By clicking the link in the e-mail and heading to your Qwitter account, you can get more details about who unfollowed and begin classifying them.

Those who unfollowed you will be listed in order of how many followers they have themselves. You will also be given the unfollowers’ Twitter description and the ability to see Twitter Counter statistics on the account for more information.


After you analyze the accounts, you can then classify them to see if they were worth losing. Click “Mark as” to begin the classification process.


The settings also allow you to choose whether the account that unfollowed you is a Person, a Spammer or a Follow Bot.

Spammers and Follow Bots do not really help a person’s credibility on Twitter. By classifying those that unfollowed you as such, you can ignore the unfollow and not worry about its impact. However, if a person unfollowed you, it may be worth following up to see what happened to end that relationship. If that person has a considerable Twitter following, that could impact you in the long-term.

For a larger Twitter following, a pro Qwitter account ($2/month) may be more effective to keep tabs on who is unfollowing you. The benefit of a pro account is that you receive unfollow update daily, instead of weekly. You can also add notes to see which tweet is more effective at attracting followers.

In the pro account, you will now see Qwitter’s assessment of those who unfollowed you.


In this case, you will see they have marked “Mobile Phone Newz” as a Spammer. They use other Qwitter user statistics to get this information for you. This can help you classify an unfollow more effectively.

You can also switch between days. Since Qwitter pro offers daily tracking, you can easily go back and forth to track patterns that can help you tweet more efficiently.

Finally, you can add notes for a particular day which can be useful if you do notice patterns of unfollows or any other details.


In the “New followers” tab, you can now see your new followers daily. This can be a great tool if you are gaining followers too quickly to be able to greet or tweet them for following you. You can also classify new followers, add notes and go through daily follow statistics like we covered above.


In the “Week Overview,” you will see patterns and trend causing unfollows and follows on Twitter. Noted that for a new account, nothing will show up at this page at all. It will take some time for Qwitter to collect the data and display it on the screen.


There are definite benefits to using Qwitter if you are worried about your Twitter following. Knowing the types of people unfollowing you can help you find out what you have not done properly, so you can improve and make it better. The only thing I didn’t like about Qwitter is that they require your payment detail before you can start the free month of pro service, and you have to remember to terminate the payment at the end of the month if you don’t want to continue the service.

What tools do you use to track who unfollows you on Twitter?