How to Find Out What’s on Netflix and When Shows and Movies Will Be Added (and Leaving)

With Netflix’s ever-changing library, it can be confusing to find out what’s being added or is about to leave the service. Whether preparing to marathon the TV show that’s finally coming to Netflix or catching a show that’s about to fall off, knowing about comings and goings is always useful.

A lot of news and television websites out there discuss the future changes of Netflix. Even better, however, are the websites specifically set up to help people look up Netflix’s schedule. Here we’ll show a few prime examples and how they can help avid Netflix watchers plan their next show.



WhatsOnNetflix sets out to do just as its name suggests – let you know what’s on Netflix. What’s useful about WhatsOnNetflix is that it shows a list of coming months the moment you land on the site. This makes it very easy to quickly check for upcoming releases. Using the drop-down box at the top, you can select different regions (such as the UK or New Zealand) and check their releases, too.

There’s also the Last Chance section that features individual articles on shows that are being removed. The site also features themed lists to help you find the next show or movie to watch. Also on the site is a useful “Netflix Hacks” section which gives some advice on how to get the most out of the service.



Things get a little confusing with the similarly-named Whats-On-Netflix. Rest assured – it is a different website than the previous one! This one has more of a focus on supporting the US and UK Netflix libraries. If you’re a UK citizen trying to find a reliable site for information on your region’s library, Whats-On-Netflix has you covered.

Whats-On-Netflix has more of a general focus on its main page. You can see what’s coming or leaving in the next month, check out some lists, or read news about new show announcements and development plans. It also covers Netflix DVD releases which is very useful if you’re still a fan of the physical medium over streaming media.



NetflixLife is more of a general news aggregate for Netflix. It still features shows that are coming and going, however, which you can easily access from the top bar. The website also features articles related to the time when individual shows release, in case you have your eye on a specific show and don’t want to trawl through schedules.

What makes NetflixLife very interesting, however, is that it also features “Best Of” articles. This will be particularly useful for those who have finished their backlog and want something new to watch. They cover both movie and TV show genres, so check them out if you’re wondering what to watch next.



While the other websites we’ve covered feature what’s coming up next on Netflix, JustWatch is useful in a different way. When you first enter JustWatch, you enter your country so the website can show you the correct libraries. Once in, you can select the “Netflix” button and then the “New” category.

What this does is show you a timeline of new releases on Netflix over the past few days. This is particularly useful if you’re not really sure what to watch and want to see if the library updated with anything interesting. You can click titles for a description on what the show is about, then click the Netflix icon in the providers section to head over and watch it right away. It’s a good tool for those who are on the hunt for something new to watch!

On with the Shows

With such a huge library, nobody can be expected to keep perfect track of its constant shifting. With these websites, you’ll have an easier time seeing what’s coming and going and can set your own schedule so you can fit in all your favourite shows and movies.

Do you have a favourite Netflix-related website that you rely on for news? Share it in the comments.

Simon Batt
Simon Batt

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