4 Ways to Find Your Mac’s Serial Number

Every Mac has a specific serial number that is required for the many benefits that Apple offers to its customers, including warranty service. Most people won’t require the need of the serial number throughout their Mac’s life cycle, but you may need to occasionally look it up.

Here are four methods you can use to find your Mac’s serial number:

1. Finding Your Serial Number Via “About This Mac”

The easiest way to find your Mac’s serial number is from the “About this Mac” information panel. This can be accessed via the Apple menu, as shown below:


Once open, click on the grey OS X version string. Clicking on this string will toggle the string showing the OS version, the OS build number, and finally your system’s serial number.


2. Finding Your Serial Number Via the System Information Utility’s “About” Panel.

Your second option is to use the System Information utility’s “About” panel. This is available by clicking “More Info” in the “About This Mac” panel, which can be accessed from the Apple menu. You can also access this tool in the “Applications -> Utilities” folder or “Go -> Utilities,” and then press “Command + I.” Here you can see your Mac’s model number and some hardware information in the Overview section along with your Mac’s serial number.




Another useful tip: You can also use this utility, as will many other applications in OS X, to speak out the serial number. You can either highlight the serial number, right-click it and select “Start speaking” in the “Speech” section, or you can simply highlight the serial number and click “Command + 4.” Doing the former will result in your serial number being told to you in a rather fast pace while the latter will narrate it in a natural, slow pace.


3. Finding Your Serial Number Via OS X Terminal

Your third option is to look up the system’s serial number in the OS X Terminal, which may be useful if you are logged into a remote system via SSH. To do this you will need to use the “system_profiler” command. This command when used by itself will generate the same lengthy report that’s produced when you open the System Information utility, so used alone it may offer too much information. However, you can limit its output to showing only hardware information (which contains the system’s serial number) by running the following version of the command:


4. Locating the Serial Number Via Your Mac’s External Chassis

Your fourth and final option is to locate the serial number via your Mac’s chassis. The serial number of your Mac will be printed somewhere on your Mac’s chassis. On most portable Macs, it is located on the bottom of the laptop.


On iMac’s, it’s located on the base of the system:


Your Mac’s serial number will also be printed on your Mac’s retail box, so you can locate it from there too.


With these options, you should be able to locate your Mac’s serial number, which is useful for verifying eligibility for warranty service or other assistance offered by Apple.