How to Find Your Lost Computer with Windows 10

How to Find Your Lost Device with Windows 10

If you are using a Windows 10 computer then it is very likely that you received the November update. If so, you probably haven’t noticed that this new update will let you find a lost Windows device (tablet, phone or laptop) using your Windows 10 PC. This feature was introduced alongside many other features, and you can bet that it is one that many will find useful.

Before you get started, make sure that your computer has Windows 10 version 1511 or higher, let Microsoft record your device’s regular intervals and make sure that you are the administrator on your device.

How Finding Your Lost Computer Works

This feature is very easy to use, and what it does is that it sends your exact location from time to time to your Microsoft account. For this to work you will need to sign in with your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one you will be given the option to set one up since you need one to use the feature. To gain access to this feature you need to follow the below steps.

1. Go to “Settings.”

2. Go to “Update and Security.”

3. In the menu on the left, find and select “Find My Device.” Windows 10 doesn’t save your device’s location on a regular basis. To change this you will need to click on the “Change” button that is located in the “Find my Device” section.


4. After clicking on the Change button, turn on “Save my device’s location periodically.” Once you have completed this the feature has been turned on.

Finding Your Device with Windows 10

If you ever need to find your device, the first site you will want to visit is the Device page on Microsoft’s official site. Remember to use the same login credentials that you are using on the device you are looking for.

Find your Windows 10 device in the listing of the devices that you have registered to your account, and select “Find my Device” located right next to the device you are looking for.


After a moment you will receive the information about the last location of your device, and it will also provide you with a map. That obviously makes finding the device a whole lot easier. Keep in mind that the location may not be exact if your lost device does not have a built-in GPS.


Windows 10 has its pros and its cons, but this features that allows us to find our devices is definitely a good one. This feature will help many users find their lost or stolen devices and give them a happy ending to their story. If you found this information useful, don’t forget to give it a share, and let us know in the comments if you plan on activating this feature on your Windows 10 computer.

Judy Sanhz

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  1. While ostensibly this update can help users find their lost devices, it also gives Microsoft the ability to track each and every Win 10 device in the world. Users might as well be wearing GPS locators. I suppose some kind of an argument can be made for NSA tracking but how can tracking by a private company be justified???

    1. Hi Dragonmouth,
      Companies always find a way to track and make it look like they are doing something else instead. I guess that is the way the tech world bounces. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  2. Interesting title is “How to Find Your Lost Computer with Windows 10” and text states, “How Finding Your Lost Computer Works” when text then states, “select ‘Find My Device.'” So which is it? Finding lost computer or device?

    dragonmouth, Regarding your comment, “Users might as well be wearing GPS locators.” How will users wearing GPS locators help them find their lost computer or is that lost device? Hence, the device needs to have GPS locators.

    1. Hi GrizzlyBear,
      W10 says it helps to find your device, so it’s that. =-) Thanks for commenting.

      1. Hi Judy Sanhz,

        Thanks for your reply. Then can “How to Find Your Lost Computer with Windows 10” and “How Finding Your Lost Computer Works” both be changed to read “Device”?

        1. Hi GrizzlyBear,
          You can also find you Xbox too, so I guess the word console would also have to be added, but the important thing here is finding your device/computer/Console, Etc. Thanks for commenting. =-)

          1. So why not be consistent in the wording? Sure would be clearer.

            Judy, console does not always means Xbox. Is PS4 a console?

          2. In addition,

            A computer is one device. Since not all devices are computers then is “Find My Device” to find computer or another device? Guess need a device to figure this out.

    2. ” How will users wearing GPS locators help them find their lost computer or is that lost device?”
      It won’t but it will help M$ track users.

  3. Thanks for your efforts at giving us useful [but not for everyone] information on tech related matters!

  4. “the device needs to have GPS locators.” I don’t know specifically about the Microsoft service, but devices with WiFi can determine their position rather accurately by checking what WiFi access points can be detected. There are huge databases that allow this; they are available publicly. So, if the device is within detection range of WiFi (even if too far for a good connection, I believe), it can find its position. I know that at least some tracking services use this. HTH

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