How to Find Your iPhone or iPad with Siri

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Phones are incredibly easy to misplace. They’re small and travel everywhere we go. You might be familiar with the “bedding dance” many of us do when we wake up, shaking out our blankets until the phone thuds to the floor. Well, there’s a much easier way to find your iPhone or iPad, and you can rely on Siri for that.

If you forget where your iPhone or iPad was the last time you used it, you can ask Siri to ring the device loudly, helping you locate it without the need to have a friend dial your phone number. This command isn’t the same as the “Find My” utility of Apple’s iCloud, as you don’t need to turn anything on before you misplace your device.

As long as you have another iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or HomePod that’s connected to the same Apple ID, you can ring your missing device. With that said, here are all the ways to find your iPhone or iPad with Siri.

1. Using Siri to Find Your iPhone

Here’s how to locate your missing device by using another Apple device that features Siri.

1. Launch Siri by holding the side button or home button, depending on your device. You can also use the “Hey, Siri” voice command if you have it enabled.

2. Say “Find my iPhone” or “Find my iPad.” If you have multiple iOS devices on your Apple ID, you’ll be asked to choose which one you’re looking for.

Find Iphone Ipad Using Siri Macos

3. If Siri detects your iPhone in the immediate vicinity, she will let you know. Either way, you can make the lost device play a loud alert noise to locate it. When Siri asks if you want to play a sound, tap “Confirm” (or say “Yes”) to ping your device.

Find Iphone Ipad Using Siri Pinging From Macos

4. Listen for the alert sound to hunt down your device. The alert sound will play until the iPhone is picked up or until you interact with it. You’ll see a notification banner that reads “Find My iPhone Alert.” Tap and select “OK” to dismiss and silence the alert sound simultaneously.

Find Iphone Ipad Using Siri Find My Notification

2. Using Your Apple Watch to Find Your iPhone

The Apple Watch’s phone-locating routine is much simpler. Since your watch is directly connected to your phone, it can establish a connection more quickly and reliably. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Swipe up from the watch face to reveal a grid of tools. A small green phone icon will appear at the top to show you’re connected to your iPhone

2. Tap the ping icon, which looks like a ringing phone.

Find Iphone Ipad Using Siri Apple Watch

3. The iPhone connected to your Watch will play an alert tone to help you locate it.

3. Using “Find My” to Find Your iPhone or iPad

Finally, even though it doesn’t require Siri technically, it can be a lifesaver if nothing else helps. With that said, here’s how to use “Find My” on a compatible device to find other devices using your Apple ID.

1. First, launch the “Find My” app on a device you have with you. For example, if you have an iPad or perhaps a Mac notebook/desktop, you’ll find that app there.

2. Once the app opens, make sure to select the “Devices” tab. Then, give it a few moments until you see all your devices. Find your iPhone and select it.

3. You should now see the last known location of your iPhone. Select it to highlight your device. There is also an option to play a sound on your iPhone. That’s it!

While using the “Find My” app, take a note of other helpful options you’ll see there. For example, this app lets you mark your iPhone as lost and even erase your device remotely. And that doesn’t apply to iPhones only, as “Find My” works with just about any device using your Apple ID.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve learned all the ways to find your iPhone or iPad with Siri, the voice assistant is actually much more helpful than you might think – especially if you get to know more about Siri’s capabilities. Learn how to use Siri’s suggestions on your Apple devices. Also, here’s how to create Siri shortcuts on iPhone or iPad.

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