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Have you ever wondered if there is someone out there who looks just like you? With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to find your doppelgänger using a face search tool. These tools use facial recognition technology to scan websites for images that match your facial features. This guide includes six face search websites and apps that will help you find your doppelgänger for free

Good to know: you can also use your face to sign in to your phone, apps, and websites. Learn how to set up Face ID on an iPhone.

What Are the Criteria for Facial Recognition?

Face recognition software uses computer algorithms to register the distinctive traits of a person’s face. A mathematical representation of this data, such as eye range or jaw shape, is created and gets compared to data from other faces in a facial recognition database.

There are various criteria that can be used in facial recognition systems, including:

  • Geometric features – the distances between various points on the face, such as the distance between the eyes, the width of the nose, or the shape of the jawline.
  • Photometric features – the colors and textures of the face, shape of the eyebrows, or the pattern of freckles.
  • Structural features – the underlying structure of the face, such as the bones and muscles that support the skin.
  • Behavioral features – the way a person moves their face, such as their facial expressions or the way they blink their eyes.

1. Twin Strangers

Finding your lookalike is surprisingly easy with Twin Strangers. Create an account on the website, upload your photo, add relevant information, and hit the search button. You can also upload multiple photographs to increase your chances of finding a match. Twin Strangers uses sophisticated facial recognition technology to identify your twin based on facial features – with an 80 percent success rate. Once you find your matches, the algorithm displays an AI match score to determine your similarity with your double. Additionally, you can communicate and arrange a meeting with your double on the platform.

Twin Strangers Website


  • Free face search
  • Very easy process
  • Displays AI face-match score
  • Lets you connect with your double
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Respects your privacy


  • Doubles can be found only if they are also registered on the website
  • Each account only gets five free face searches

FYI: if you change your mind about adding your face to any of these websites or apps, learn how to delete your personal data from the Internet.

2. Ilooklikeyou

ILookLikeYou is another well-known website for finding your twin on the Internet. Create a profile, add your headshot, and the website will look for people who resemble you. What ILookLikeYou does that the other face search websites don’t do is find doubles in your gender and the opposite gender. Additionally, you can check your double’s profile, interact with them, and see their lookalikes. Compare your photo with that of your relatives and find out how similar you look. But on the downside, the image database of ILookLikeYou is quite limited, which can decrease your chances of finding your doppelgänger.

I Look Like You Website


  • Lets you find doppelgängers of different gender
  • Easy to use
  • Compare resemblance with your relatives and famous people
  • Visual guide helps capture the best headshot to find a match


  • Image database is limited
  • Often fails to process the images

3. StarByFace

StarByFace (Android | iOS) doesn’t find doppelgängers, per se. Instead, it identifies the celebrity who resembles you the most. It compares your face to well-known celebrities’ faces and displays figures with similar faces. Unlike other platforms, StarByFace doesn’t require you to enter any personal information to find a match. Upload a photo in which your facial features are clearly visible and run the search. The StarByFace algorithm will do the rest and find a famous person or celebrity who resembles you the most. You can also click on the celebrity pictures you like the most and use the gradient option to make an image morph of you and your celebrity match.

Star By Face Website


  • Helps find celebrity doppelgängers in either gender
  • Process is super simple and quick
  • Lets you create image morphs and GIFs
  • Available for Android, iOS, and the Web


  • Only compares your face with celebrities
  • Stores your image if you use the social sharing feature

4. FamilySearch

FamilySearch is a non-profit organization that allows users to create data about their family tree and add information about their ancestors. You can connect with other users who may be researching the same family lines. When you upload pictures of yourself, or even your family members, to FamilySearch, it will compare these photos to its database and search for individuals who resemble you. You will be directed to a page that lists all of your probable ancestors or other families who resemble your facial features. A percentage of how similar you appear to them will be displayed as well. While the database on FamilySearch may be somewhat limited, the website is still a useful resource for those interested in exploring their ancestry and potentially finding lookalikes.



  • Free search
  • Helps you find lookalikes based on resemblance to you and relatives
  • Can help you learn about your ancestry


  • Image database is rather limited

Tip: if you want to take this a step further to find your family, learn about these DNA testing companies that keep yoru data private.

5. Google Arts and Culture

The Google Arts and Culture (Android | iOS) app finds your doppelgänger with an artistic twist. Google partners with cultural institutions all over the world that contribute to high-resolution photos and videos of artworks and other cultural artifacts on the Google Arts & Culture platforms. It is available as a website and in Android and iOS app formats. Making an interesting use of this database, the Google Arts and Culture app has integrated a feature called the ArtSelfie, which lets you upload your selfie and compare it to thousands of art pieces. It will display a few portraits and artwork pieces that look similar to you. The Art and Culture app also lets you find the location of the artwork that resembles your image.

Google Arts And Culture Art Selfie


  • Can find historical figures that look similar to you


  • Can’t find living lookalikes

6. My Twin Finder

My Twin Finder is an Android application that can help you find your lookalikes. Like most other services, you need to upload a clear image of yourself and run the search. The app will process your image, comparing it with other pictures to find the one that resembles yours. The best part is that My Twins Finder’s database is not limited to the images provided by registered users. You can find your lookalike even if they are not registered with the app. On the downside, the results are not entirely accurate, as My Twins Finder works much like Google Lens. It uses reverse image search to compare your photo to publicly available images on social media platforms, so the results are based more on the general similarity of the photos instead of facial features.

My Twins Finder Android App


  • Vast image database
  • Lookalike doesn’t need to be a registered user


  • Results not very accurate
  • App is full of ads

Frequently Asked Questions

How is facial recognition data stored?

Facial recognition data is typically stored in databases or servers, either by the company or organization using the technology or by a third-party provider. The data can be stored in a variety of formats, including images, video, or numerical values known as “faceprints,” which represent the unique characteristics of the person’s face, such as the distance between their eyes or the shape of their jawline.

Does face search invade privacy?

The use of facial recognition technology for face search can raise privacy concerns, as it involves the collection and analysis of personal biometric data, which can be sensitive. It is important for companies and organizations that use the technology to have robust policies in place to protect individuals’ personal information and ensure that the technology is used responsibly and ethically.

However, if you use any of the services mentioned in our post above, you don’t need to worry about your private information being used by third parties, as the services we’ve mentioned have policies of not sharing personal information without your consent.

What is the accuracy of websites and apps that provide doppelgänger searches?

The accuracy of doppelgänger websites can vary. Some websites may have larger databases with more images to compare to, which can increase the chances of finding a match. However, the accuracy of the technology also depends on factors such as the quality of the images being used and the algorithms being used to compare the images.

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