5 Ways to Find Free and Discounted Mobile Apps and Games

Recently, Play Store released an update that displayed a new section: “Free Apps of the Week.” Similar to Apple’s App Store, it allowed users to download selected Paid apps for free. With so many apps and games giving discount offers, it seemed a great way for users to track down discounted apps. But in less than a month’s time they pulled it back for some reason. However, there are still many ways to track apps that have become free and are providing discount offers on both Android and iOS platforms. Here are some of the best ways to find them.

1.  AppSales

AppSales is the ultimate app to track paid Android apps that have become free or are providing discounts. All the apps listed here are curated by a team. All the apps are well-organized in various categories and tabs for easy navigation. It also keeps a history of the app prices, showing a graph of how much discount the app had received previously.


The app has a price-tracking feature in the form of a “Watchlist.” You can add your favorite paid app to your watchlist, and whenever it goes on sale or is completely free, it will notify you. Also, in the “Watchlist Charts” you can check some popular apps that were added by other users on their watchlist. In the Settings you can set a filter for “Minimum Discount” and “Minimum Downloads” an app should have. Only those based on your filter will be displayed. The app will also send notifications every day of new apps that are on sale.

2. AppShopper

Appshopper is the go-to destination for iOS users to find app discounts. The website provides a distinct list of apps that are on sale. The list of apps is curated and updated every hour. It not only shows apps with a price drop but also those that have recently received updates and have been newly released on the App store.


You also get a Wishlist to manage your favorite apps that you’d like to track. Also, if you’re a developer, then you can submit your newly-released app. You’ll need to create an account for that. There’s also a “Top Charts” list that shows the most popular apps on the website.

3. Humble Bundle Mobile


Humble Bundle is mostly known for PC games and digital books, but they also do Mobile bundles which are mostly exclusive to the Android platform. For those who don’t know about Humble Bundle, it is a system where you pay what you want for games (minimum $1). You get the freedom to allocate the amount to the Developers, Charity and to the Humble Bundle website accordingly. The games are provided in a Pack including “Adventure Pack,” “Strategy Pack” and many others.

4. Appzapp integration with IFTTT


Appzapp is a similar service to AppSales and Appshopper. They have their app on both Android and iOS platforms. Interestingly they also have IFTTT applets that will automatically send you a notification whenever an app is on sale or has become free. There are many Appzapp applets available on IFTTT for both Play Store and App store. You will need to install the IFTTT app on your phone if your requirement is to get a notification on your phone. Otherwise, you can choose to get notified via email. You can even follow them on Twitter where they regularly update their feed with new apps that are on sale.

5. Check Reddit and Popular News Outlets

There are some subreddits on Reddit that can help you find discounted apps. Subreddits including /r/googleplaydeals for Android and /r/AppHookup for iOS are worth subscribing. You can even follow news outlets like BGR and Android Police that regularly share apps that are on sale. Android Police also has a Pushbullet channel for App Deals which you can subscribe to and get daily notifications.


App developers, in general, provide discounts on their paid apps to boost their downloads count. Sometimes they even make it free for a day or two. It’s a great strategy, to be honest, and as a user it’s a great opportunity. Let us know in the comments what you think about the above-mentioned ways and do mention other sources you might know of.

Abhishek Macwan
Abhishek Macwan

Abhishek is a Freelance Tech blogger and an avid coder. He's an Android Freak and loves customizing and fixing all things digital. You might also want to check out his blog where he shares his love for Tech.

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