How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Windows 10

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If your Windows PC or laptop feels slower than normal, you might want to delete any duplicate files out there. There are many reasons such files accumulate over time. For example, frequent copy/pasting of files and folders leave out duplicates across multiple PC locations. It’s almost impossible to keep track of them manually.

When ignored too long, the duplicates have a tendency to saturate your hard drive. The following apps will help you find and delete duplicate files in Windows 10.

Note: Some of the software mentioned below have very similar names, which makes it confusing to find them through a simple search. Therefore, we recommend to download each one of these programs only from the official links provided here.

1. Duplicate Cleaner (Pro)

Duplicate Cleaner is our top recommendation if you’re looking for a lightweight, yet highly advanced solution. The installation from this download link is quick and easy.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Duplicate Cleaner Pro Installationjpg

There are many ways to set up your search criteria in the dashboard. You can search for duplicates using keywords, file types (PDF etc.), or approximate date ranges. You can also scan inside zip files and hidden folders.

The “Scan Location” feature allows you to do a granular search in any folder/subfolder.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Duplicate Cleaner Pro Search Criteria

The search engine works very fast as it uses a method which compares hash codes of identical file sizes. It just took around two minutes for this app to search my entire D drive.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Duplicate Cleaner Pro Searchingjpg

Once the hashes have been calculated, the app gives you a high level summary of all duplicate files. This is really useful if you want to filter the results folder wise. Go to each individual folder group and delete all the duplicates. You can also delete entire folder groups to save time. That’s it!

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Duplicate Cleaner Pro Scan Results

Duplicate Cleaner gives a generous 15 day free trial which is enough time to clean up your PC. After this, you can buy a permanent license for $29.95.

2. Duplicate File Remover

While Duplicate Cleaner gives stunning results, sometimes we only need a freeware to clean up a few folders. For this, install a Windows app called Duplicate File Remover. It can be downloaded from Microsoft Store and launched immediately.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Duplicate File Remover Select

Click “Add Folder” at bottom to add any folder from your computer. Select that folder and click “Scan” and the program will sync all your files within that folder.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Duplicate File Remover Scanning

Removing folder-specific duplicates is not nearly as time-consuming as the entire drive cleanup.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Duplicate File Remover Deleted

3. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is a good freemium choice if you need a blazing fast, folder-specific tool. The download is fast and easy. You only have to “add a folder to include in the scan.” You can include or exclude file types and set the file size limits easily.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Easy Duplicate Finder

Once the folder specific duplicates have been identified, you can resolve them using a simple table checklist in Step 3. It also gives you a live preview of all the files to be removed, which is a superb feature.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Easy Duplicate Finder Files Preview

4. CloneSpy

CloneSpy is an absolutely free tool. It not only allows you to search for duplicates in a folder but also merge multiple folders. This gives you a more comprehensive high level picture of identical files in your Windows computer.

The program can be downloaded at this link.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Clonespy

Once you “Start scanning,” the duplicate files will be quickly lined up. You can delete them simultaneously together if you don’t like selecting each file manually.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Clonespy Detect Duplicates

5. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is an extremely easy, freeware tool to detect and remove duplicate files. After an easy download, you can quickly perform a detailed analysis. What I liked about this software is that you can quickly select and deselect any folders. With the exception of Duplicate Cleaner (Pro), this one took the least time in performing the job to expectations.

There is only one drawback though. During installation, you will find many add-on software. If you don’t want them, simply remember to uncheck them at the outset.

Delete Duplicate Files Windows Auslogics


Removing duplicate files is absolutely necessary for a clutter-free computing environment. If you’re using solid state drives (SSD), the extra storage can rather expensive. So, it’s always better to economize the drives. Even if you have a lot of free space, it’s a good idea to delete the duplicates. At the minimum, it will give your Windows PC an instant speed boost.

Which software tools do you recommend for removing duplicate files? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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