How to Find Data Hogging Applications in Android

Many mobile carriers are limiting your data plan. If you are a bulk data user, you will be paying more. Some of you may not even know how close you are coming to your data limit. Onavo can help you track your data AND weed out the applications that are eating up your data.

There are many applications out there that consume a lot of data. Android applications that stream media are always a big draw on your data usage. Apps like Pandora or other music and video applications are really a killer to burn through your monthly data allowance.

Onavo’s features

You will get a couple key features when you install Onavo. You will have:

  • A data tracker to keep tabs on how much data you are using overall during the month.
  • A warning system to let you know which applications are consuming the most data while it is happening.
  • The option to restrict certain applications to Wi-Fi only.

Tracking Android data usage

When you are on a data budget, you may need to keep a close eye on your usage. Onavo lets you input your data limit, start of your billing cycle and even a cost for your data. The pay-per-use feature is great for people who have the option of pay as you go data plans.

onavo-plan settings

Be warned

When you are using your mobile data to listen to music or watch video while you are commuting may be your biggest known data hog, but what about the application you just download? It may not seem like it would need a lot of data, but the initial download of the game and needed files may take a bite out of your data allowance for the month.

onavo-app profile

Onavo will put a pig with an exclamation point by it in your notification bar to let you know when an app is using more than its fair share of data. When you see this pig, you can click on the notification to attend to the data hogging app.

onavo-data hog

Restrict applications

When you determine the applications that are using too much data for your liking, you can restrict them to Wi-Fi.

onavo-restricted data

If the application is something you know uses a lot of data and you do not want to see the warning pig icon, you can turn the warning off for that application.

onavo-notify 1

If you are super worried about going over your data, there is an option to block your data usage when you reach 99%

onavo-data block


Once you use Onavo for a while, you will get some recommendations on whether of not your data plan is right for your needs or not.

onavo-main screen


The Onavo widgets are probably the easiest way to see what applications are running and what is your top data consumption application for the month. Here is a picture of your 3 widget choices.



I like Onavo a bit better than similar apps because of the warnings and ability to restrict applications to Wi-Fi. It seems to be really on par with my usage. I tend to use a good amount of Wi-Fi during my normal month so I usually don’t even come close to my monthly data allowance.

Download Onavo for Android and monitor your data consumption.

What do you use to Android applications data usage?

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