Find Apple Pay Supported Stores in Your Local Area [Quick Tips]

Find the Stores That Accept Apple Pay [Quick Tips]

Apple Pay is the tech company’s way of making you more reliant on your phone. By using Apple Pay in supported stores, you can simply pay with a tap on your iPhone and don’t have to worry about having insufficient cash. The only problem is that finding a store that accepts Apple Pay is not that easy, unless, of course, you visit the store and ask them or see a card hanging there that says they accept Apple Pay.

In this article we will show you how you can find stores that accept Apple Pay right from your couch in your home.

Finding Apple Pay Supported Stores on iOS

This can be done on a device running iOS such as iPad or iPhone.

1. Tap on the Apple Maps app.

Apple Maps

2. There are actually two ways to find out if a store accepts Apple Pay.

If you already know the store name, just search for it in the Maps app and tap on it when it appears. On the store details screen, you should see the Apple Pay logo if it is one of the Apple Pay supported stores.

Apple Pay supported stores

3. If you just want to retrieve a list of all the Apple Pay supported stores in your area, just search for your area in Maps, and then search for “Apple Pay,” and you will be presented with a list of all the stores that accept payments with Apple’s payment system.

Apple Pay supported stores list

Finding Apple Pay Supported Stores on a Mac

1. Launch Maps on your Mac.

2. Type in “Apple Pay” in the search box and press Enter. You will see all the supported stores on your screen. Click on any of them to see the store details.

Apple Pay supported stores

Enjoy paying with the hassle-free Apple Pay payment method at the above stores.


If you want to find all the stores that accept Apple Pay without leaving your home, the guide above should help you do that.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

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