Find And Download Free Software For Mac With App Donkey

If you always have the urge to hunt down free apps, install and try them out in your Mac, then App Donkey is going to make your life easier. App Donkey is a hub where you can locate and download plenty of useful freeware apps for your Mac. All the apps are organized into categories and a single full page is dedicated for each app to explain its functionality.


The way that App Donkey works is similar to a shopping cart, except that you don’t have to pay. When you find an app that you like, simply click on the Add this app to add the application to your download cart.

appdonkey-downloadThere is no limit to the number of apps that you can add as long as the total file size is less than 100MB. Once you are satisfied with your ‘shopping’, simply click on the Download Your Apps to start the downloading.

To make it easier to download, App Donkey will first compress all your chosen apps in a tar file and then make the link available for you to download. Once you are done with the downloading, you just need to untar the file to find all your apps inside the App Donkey folder.

Overall, I have found this a very useful site as it saves me lot of time trying to locate and download individual app. At the same time, it has allowed me to discovered some useful apps that I was unaware of previously. Good work!

Previously, I have also talked about Appnr, a site where you can find and install application for Ubuntu. Not too sure if there is such a site for Windows too. If you know of any, do let me know.

App Donkey via [MakeUseOf podcast]

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  1. App Donkey is a nice site, very well done.

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