5 of the Best Finance Management Apps for Android

Managing finances is a very important aspect of human life that can make or break one’s existence. With the plethora of financial management applications available on the Google Play Store, there are plenty of solutions for money management, budgeting and expenditure tracking.

Here we have selected five of the best Android applications that can get you started on your way to financial security:


Mint is the complete finance solution for organizing accounts and expenses and also setting budgets.

Once you sign up for a free Mint account, you can access all your financial information (such as Savings, Checking, 401K, and credit cards) in one place, whether through the Android app or on the desktop.

Some features of Mint include categorization of transactions, bill reminders and alerts to notify you if one of your accounts is charged, and offline support for viewing personal finances.

Also, Mint uses a secure 128-bit encryption system to secure your data and allows you to delete your account information remotely in case your device gets lost or stolen.

Price: Free


This is another application from the creators of Mint. Mint Bills keeps track of your outstanding bills and offers a way to pay your bills from directly within the application. You can decide to pay your bills when they are due or schedule bill payments in advance so they are paid automatically for you.

The app also offers real-time notifications for several actions such as when cash is low or credit limits are near so you do not exceed credit limits and when it notices large or unusual charges to your account.

Price: Free


Level Money is another money-tracking app for Android, but it is quite different from the others on this list.

As well as analyzing your financial picture, Level Money focuses on helping you reach your saving goals by watching your accounts. It also updates spendable cash as you make purchases each day, providing a simple, real-time picture of how you’re doing in order to stay in the black.

The app generates a monthly plan automatically based on your income and expenses and helps you prioritize savings in your monthly budget. You can compare your spending from month to month and predict next month’s balance and spending so you can plan your saving goals.

Level Money also allows you to securely connect all your financial accounts to the app and will inform you if there are any unauthorized activity on your accounts.

Price: Free


Expense Manager is a free feature-rich Android application that helps you manage your expenses and budget.

It has support for tracking expenditures and income by week, month and year as well as by categories and charts. You can also receive payment alerts, import account activities into a CSV file or back up to Google Drive or Dropbox.

What’s more, you can add multiple accounts for different purposes or schedule payments and recurring payments.

Price: Free


While this application has the same name as the app above, it possesses unique features of its own that sets it apart.

The free version of the app allows you to record your expenses by category and set monthly limits for your expenditures. You can also export your records into a spreadsheet, and there are homescreen widget options for faster access to the application. It also offers (via in-app purchases) income management, statistics and charts if you’re keen.

Price: Free ($2.07 for all features)

Have you used any of these applications? Did we leave out your favorite finance management app? Speak your mind through the comments section below.