FileZilla Pro: Robust, Secure File Management for Pros

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FileZilla is best known as a free and stable FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client in the open-source community. It’s fast and reliable, supporting a wide range of popular cloud storage servers and connection protocols. The app offers builds for Linux, BSD, Windows, and macOS and does plenty to help users make successful file transfers. FileZilla Pro expands the functionality of FileZilla’s free service, adding support for professional cloud services popular with programmers, like Backblaze B2, S3, Azure, Dropbox, and more.

Transferring Files and Syncing Directories

To locate the file you want to transfer, you can use the window on the left side of FileZilla to navigate your local directory tree. You can also take advantage of drag-and-drop file transfer, using Explorer or Finder to locate the file you want to upload and then dragging it into the correct location on the remote server. On macOS you can even drag a file onto the icon to upload the file to the presently connected remote directory.

Additionally, you can employ FileZilla’s powerful file search to help you locate files and directories on the server, searching with several simultaneous terms and using file conditions to manage your results. Files and directories can be downloaded directly from file search, replicating the remote directory structure if appropriate. You can also limit search to currently-visible files, quickly filtering highly populated directories to find the file you’re looking for.

Filezilla Pro Search Tools Condition Selection

Transfers are logged as they happen, with a detailed report window appearing at the bottom of the screen to show you the current progress of your upload. This includes upload transfer speed, file size, percentage of transfer completed for individual files and the total upload, and the navigation of past results and error reports to ensure everything is working as expected.

There is a tabbed interface for connecting to multiple remote servers simultaneously, with the ability to move files between two remote servers in a single session. Transfers can also be set up in advance in the transfer queue. If the connection is active, queued files, seen at the bottom of the screen, will transfer immediately. If the connection is inactive, paused, or disconnected, these files will wait until the connection becomes active again.

Servers are saved and set up in the Site Manager on FileZilla and FileZilla Pro. You can also set default behavior for browsing here, turning on directory comparison and synchronized browsing as soon as the connection is established.

Filezilla Pro Site Manager Server Setup

Like other FTP managers, you can use FileZilla to sync local and remote directories, ensuring that all local changes are synced to the server. Differences can be quickly revealed based on the recent modifications using modified date or file size.

Filezilla Pro Directory Comparison

Synchronize your browsing, and you can navigate while comparing matched directories, isolating files that only exist on one side and updating files that have been updated since your last visit.

Using FileZilla Pro Securely

FTP is an outdated protocol, and it has its own security problems. Because it essentially performs file transfer “in the clear,” anyone listening on your connection can copy the entire communication and obtain a copy of your files. That’s why FTPS (FTP over TLS) came to be. Another secure option is to use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Both offer password-protected file transfers, encrypting information before it’s communicated between your local device and decrypting communications from the remote server. Anyone looking to keep their file transfers secure will find support for both secure FTP protocols in FileZilla.

Security is also clearly important to the app’s design. For example, it includes a quick shortcut to remove all private information. Choose this menu option, and FileZilla can be reset to its empty default state, cleared of all personal user information. This makes it an appealing source for users seeking anonymity and security in their file transfers.

Authenticating Secure Services with FileZilla Pro

Some services require a specific authentication process, which requires an authentication token, a piece of data that is your cryptographic badge. It securely proves to the connected services that you are who you say you are and that you have access to specific files on their services. In most cases, this appears to the user as a webpage with the sign-in screen for the associated service. Connect to Microsoft OneDrive, for example, and you’ll see the login form appear before you. Enter your password and user name, and you’ll be authenticated on the service.

Filezilla Pro Auth Token Onedrive Login

On FileZilla Pro, users can manage authentication tokens for services that use them, like Microsoft OneDrive, Azure, Google Drive, WebDAV, and more. Authentication tokens are kept in the main memory until FileZilla Pro is closed, requiring you to sign in again when the service is reconnected. Nothing is saved in your local directory, which protects the user through a default level of “forgetfulness” that protects you from token theft.

Authorizations can also be preserved between sessions if you set FileZilla up with a master password. Without a master password, authentication tokens will be discarded at the end of every session. With a master password, authentication tokens will be cryptographically secured and saved for the next session.

Filezilla Pro Master Password

At the next run, you’ll only need to enter your password to re-initialize your session. You can also choose to forget the authentication token and recreate a new one. This precise control enables complete control over your security process and limiting attack surfaces when necessary.


FileZilla Pro is the secure, powerful File Transfer tool for developers, professionals, and anyone with remote server needs, especially if you need Cloud protocols support.

Visit the FileZilla Pro website to learn more about FileZilla Pro and all its features. You may also download FileZilla for free, but this version only supports FTP-like protocols.

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