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Are you looking to transfer anything between 10GB, 1TB or even 10TB of data? FileWhopper is just the solution for such a no-frills transfer. Though currently limited to Windows only, FileWhopper is an excellent pay-as-you-go choice for those who don’t want to be tied to any monthly/annual plans.

The cloud software offers an initial 5GB transfer for free, and several one-time-only tiered plans are very reasonable. Our review covers the software solution’s breadth, benefits, disadvantages, and pricing estimates for various data tiers.

Overview of FileWhopper

Launched in 2019, FileWhopper is an Australia-based cloud-storage and file-sharing provider. Its core USP is addressing the “file too large” issue, which is a challenge with many popular data transfer solutions. It doesn’t matter how much data you have or how big the file or folder is. The service has a reliable mechanism to complete the supersized transfer.

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To begin, first create an account on the website, then complete an email verification and create an account password. This is separate from a file password that is generated while uploading files.

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Transferring Large Files and Folders with FileWhopper

Once logged in, the first 5GB of transfer is free. Based on our investigation, we found that it is just a one-time offering. To make the best use of the free trial, ensure that 5GB data is neatly lying around in a Windows folder.

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Going even slightly beyond 5GB will cost you according to a tiered-rate structure. See the “Pricing” section in this review for more details.

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To qualify for a free transfer, you can reduce the file size a bit from the source folder. Whether free or paid, you can review all the details on a dashboard.

At this point you will have to download a FileWhopper desktop app to start the transfer. This Windows app is quite useful for several-hundred gigabytes or more of data which can be time-consuming. Each time the computer restarts, the data will be uploaded in bits and pieces.

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The FileWhopper desktop app is a one-time installation. It uses “multi-threaded technology” to ensure fast data transfer and is self-deleted once done. The app displays time remaining, data sent, speed, and more. The upload speeds depend on your Internet connectivity and simultaneous usage. You can easily minimize the app to the tray and use the computer for other activities.

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A download link is immediately created even as the folder is uploading. This can be shared with your recipients, as they can simultaneously download the files. Therefore, during the exchange of hundreds of gigabytes, both the sender and the recipient are able to access the transfers at their own convenience.

Pros: What We Liked About FileWhopper

The biggest plus is security. With FileWhopper, all the data is encrypted and password-protected before being sent. Thus, you can rest assured that only your desired recipients will be able to access the data. If you’re using FileWhopper to transfer your own data remotely, you still require the password.

Another feature we liked was a simultaneous upload and download status preview which gives you receiver-side visibility.

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You can easily delete your FileWhopper account, which is a very useful feature for those concerned with privacy. In any case, after the recipient receives the download, all data is deleted from their servers. This complies with GDPR regulations for automatic self-destruction of personal information. FileWhopper retains it for a maximum of 14 days on their servers.

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There are absolutely no size limits in dealing with FileWhopper data. Before sending out the information, you will know the exact price, which is very reasonable. In our experience, this is quite a reliable solution for online pay-as-you-go file transfers.

Cons: What We Didn’t Like

Right off the bat, the first thing of notice is FileWhopper’s lack of support for Mac and Linux. The company has promised to “get this fixed soon.” However, it may not be soon enough for those currently looking to transfer huge files to non-Windows users.

This makes it a no-go if you have extra-large files you need to transfer to a customer who does not use Windows.

Filewhopper No Mac Linux Support 1

Another drawback with FileWhopper is that it will not let you transfer any amount of data for free after the first complimentary 5GB. Most file transfer solutions allow some free data to be transferred without any issues.

Therefore, FileWhopper is best used initially for data above 5 or 10 GB.

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FileWhopper offers a tiered pricing plan beyond the initial 5GB, which is viewable according to a slider on its website. It is very reasonable. A 15GB data transfer will cost you only $1.50, and anything under 500GB won’t cost more than $10. A one terabyte transfer costs under $20. Presently, the data-size limits are capped at 10 Terabytes.

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Apart from the data transfer rates, you can opt for a few add-on services which, as shown, are quite reasonable. This includes allowing five additional downloads of your folder, 14 additional days of file storage, and folder insurance.

Filewhopper Folder Transfer Pricing 1

In Summary

Until recently, transferring large files online was a major hassle. Many cloud providers do place restrictions on the maximum file size limits, and many simply don’t allow the transfer of anything beyond a certain limit. With a solution like FileWhopper, you can now transfer your entire computer hard disks or a library worth of data.

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