FileInspect: Learn the Truth About Windows Processes Running In Your Computer

Have you ever wondered what is that files/processes that are running in the background of your computer and causing all your applications to slow down, or even crashed? Well, I know you can easily fire up your task manager and see what processes are running, but what I wanted to say is, do you really know what are they, their functionalities and whether it is safe to delete/disable them so as to free up some system resources?

In the past, there has not been an easy way for noobs like us to understand what is behind the scene. With File Inspect, this suddenly become a breeze (and you can easily become an expert and boast to your friends).

File Inspect Library is an educational site that provides detailed information of all (if not, most) the processes/files running in your Windows machine. You simply type in the process/file name and it will bring you its description, functionality and whether it is safe to delete/disable them. Cool, isn’t it?

Let’s delve into it further.

When you go to the site –, you will find a search bar, a list of the most popular files and a list of the most dangerous files on the home page.

fileinspect home page

Type in the process/file name in the search bar to start searching. As you type, it will fetch the results on the fly and displays them in a dropdown list.


The search result is categorize into different status: safe, unsafe and dangerous. A safe file is denoted by a green icon, unsafe with yellow icon and dangerous with a red icon. In some occasions, you will find that there are several entries of the same file name marked with different colors (see screenshot below). The reason being that some viruses/worms disguise themselves as the filename of some important processes and create havoc in your computer.

fileinspect search results

Click on the search result to get more information.

On the information page, you will find a great deal of information, including what is the process’s functionality, where it is located, is it safe to remove, (if yes) how to remove etc.

fileinspect information page

At this moment, File Inspect is still in beta version as the developer is testing out the algorithm and making sure the file description is up-to-date. In the final version, there will also be some extra widgets that you can use to show where have all the bad files spread to.

Is File Inspect everything I need to protect my computer?

In actual fact, NO! Unlike any other antivirus or firewall software, File Inspect Library does not safe guard the safety of your computer. It is only meant to be used as an informational hub for you to get educated on the various files/processes running behind the scene. You still have to play your part to install a good antivirus and Firewall software and perform regular system scan.


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