Get 1-Click File Sharing And Backup Features With Tonido + Free Giveaway

If you have followed us for some time, you will know that I am a great fan of the Tonido software. We have previously covered TonidoPlug, but a recent update to the software brings new feature to Tonido which I think is worth a second mentioning here at MTE. Furthermore, we got free giveaway for our readers, so read on…

Just to refresh your memory, Tonido is a free software that turns your desktop into a personal server. It allows you to access and share your files, media, calendar and apps from everywhere. Be it Windows, Mac or Linux, you simply install the software and have your own personal cloud server up and running in no time.

Features found in the Tonido software include Jukebox, Photos gallery, Blog, Torrents download, WebShare (simple file sharing with anyone), Workspace and ScreenShare (share your computer screen with anyone via web browser). The latest addition to the family include Money Manger, 1-click sharing and backup. Let’s take a look.

1. Browser based Money Manager

The popular Money Manager EX (MMEX) is now integrated into Tonido. This useful money management app has been the favorite software for plenty of users, as it tracks your finance and provides a comprehensive report for all your income/expenses. Existing users can also import your database into Tonido without any hassle.


2. Tonido 1-Click Sharing

Albeit this feature is only available for the Windows version, it is still an useful feature. With a simple click (actually it takes several clicks, but it is definitely not complicated), you can now share your file with others. Click on the Tonido icon at the system tray and click on the files that you want to share. A window will pop up and show the URL to share. You can then copy and share this URL with your friends. As simple as that.

Update: Venkat just verified that it requires only a right click to get the file sharing URL, so the 1-click sharing claim is still valid.

3. Tonido Backup

We have discussed plenty of useful software to backup your computer. One caveat to those software is that they only work for a particular platform. If you have a great backup software for Windows, you won’t be able to get it working in Linux or Mac.

Tonido has just make things simpler for you. With Tonido Backup, you can now backup your data from any computer to any other remote computer running Tonido, regardless of its platform and its location. It works both in your LAN and across internet. There’s no reason for you not to backup your computer now!


Free giveaway

Venkat from the Tonido team has gladly sponsored 2 TonidoPlugs (99$ plug computer, read here for its full review) and 20 WebSharePro ($14 value) licenses for MakeTechEasier readers.

Here’s how you can win the prize:

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We will randomly pick 2 + 20 winners from the list. Make sure you leave your correct email address so we can contact you and send you the prizes.

This giveaway will end on 12th Mar 2010, 12pm, Central Time.
The giveaway is now closed. Check out the winners announcement here.

MakeTechEasier would like to thank Venkat from CodeLathe for his generosity while participating in this giveaway. Interesting in sponsoring? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us.

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  1. Great post. just one small correction. Users don't need to click the Tonido icon in the task bar to share folders or files. Just right-click of any folder or file creates an URL for that file or folder. Users just need to have Tonido running in the computer

  2. What an outstanding product/service. MTE is my favorite “TOP” shelf Tech site, with subscription. I would like to use the Tonido software with my students. We're nonprofit CTTC (Community Tech Training Center). The kids learn and have fun refurbishing used computers to give-away to students & families that can't afford systems. The kids have started using Linux over the past 2 weeks and love it. The software would be a huge and welcomed surprise. I'm saving up to buy them a Tonidoplug and watch their Jaws down. Keep providing the best Tech info. Our site is here; a bit dated but it's home. My Facebook Profile:!/Stone2staR?… ….I hope this mail finds you all well. Ralph/Stone2staR

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