Simplify File Management With File Manager Gold for Windows 8


There are tons of third-party file management apps out there. However, a native app downloadable for free as of this moment – it can change to a paid app at anytime – caught our attention because of its geeky touch. Think of Norton Commander and BIOS plus special keys. File Manager Gold gives you that déjà vu as you switch between folders and organise your files within the app. It brings back the 80-90’s way of navigating the window that spices up your Windows 8 experience though you can also use the mouse when choosing options such as Add location or folder.

Media Torrent Zip Apps published File Manager Gold is free for a limited time only. It’s built for Windows 8.1 users and it’s packed in 2.7 MB file size under the Windows Store Tools category. Sign up for or log in to your Microsoft account to get it. It allows you to search through all your files conveniently, unzip and archive them, or view history operations and many more.


1. Click the “Add Location” button on the lower-left side of the screen to access your drives.


2. As mentioned earlier, you can use your mouse to navigate it, or if you’re using a touch screen device, just swipe left to right or tap.


3. For the touchscreen devices, you can switch between drives by tapping the “n” button on the upper right corner.


4. You can take advantage of Windows 8 Charms Bar (that is, make sure it’s activated) for it to pop up (optional).

5. The app will walk you through your drives, files and folders until you find what you’re looking for, and you can just click the “Switch” button below the screen or simply press the F11 key to fill the other side and start moving, arranging and archiving folders.


5 features that make your file management easier

1. Keyboard- and mouse-friendly – you can either make a command using the special keys from F1-F12 or use the mouse or both. It’s easy to use and navigate all under one roof. However, the grey buttons indicate that they are only supported by the special keys, while the rest of the buttons can be used together with the mouse.

2. Supports ZIP file packing/unpacking – File Manager Gold supports up to eight file formats of archiving, compression, and unpacking for your files.


3. Easy Sort – press the F12 and it automatically sorts your files; if you’re using the mouse, click the Sort button and it’ll show you four options to sort them: by name, by type, by size, and by date.

4. Confirmation before changes – whenever you make some changes, File Manager Pro pops up a dialog box to confirm the action.


5. Transitioning in serial and parallel operations with files – copying, moving, and renaming files and folders is a lot easier; you can do this simultaneously in serial or parallel on each drive or location.

Deja vu with File Manager Gold

With such ease and simplicity of the UI/UX and the value it brings for end-users, File Manager Gold is worth keeping on your computer for quick management and organisation of your files. Hurry while it’s free!

Let me know how it works on your side by adding it to the comments.

Maria Krisette Capati
Maria Krisette Capati

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