4 Great File Management Tools for Slack

4 Great File Management Tools for Slack

Sharing files on Slack is common. If you have an ongoing project, and maybe need to share a file with some co-workers, the service makes it easy to do so. That is, for the most part. Sometimes file sharing on Slack can be very, very limited in function.

That’s why we’ve created this list! Here are four ways you can improve your file sharing and file management on Slack! Please note that there are more than four file sharing/file management tools for Slack. This list just covers the most compelling ones.

1. Cloud Storage Integration


Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box all have their own integration features for Slack. For example, if you use the Google Drive Slack add-on, it will be increasingly easier to embed both Google Doc files, as well as any other sort of files you might have housed on Drive, right to your team.

There’s also Dropbox and Box integration as well. Since these services do not have the robust office editing suite that Google brings to the game, it’ll be a little less impressive. Still, if you have to share something in particular with a team member in a Slack channel, being able to quickly use it with Slack is very handy.

2. Slack Deletron


Slack Deletron is a handy tool for those whose Slack channels tend to get crowded with images or files in general. Files are great, and in fact, sharing them probably helps you work better with your Slack team members. However, If you have too many of them, your Slack account may suffer.

This tool allows you to connect your Slack account and go through and delete any sort of files associated with it. Using it is fairly simple – just logging in with your account, then using the UI to select different boxes. These boxes allow you to sort different types of files and then delete them.

3. Odrive


Odrive is a great tool for those looking to keep their Slack files in sync across devices. When you allow this app access to your Slack, it’ll dig through all of your channels, as well as all of your direct messages for files, and then keep them in sync. It’s actually possible to update your files directly from your computer’s file system, much like a Dropbox or Google Drive client would do.

4. Stash


Think of Stash like Evernote or Google Keep, except for Slack. When you use this tool you can run the /stash command, and it’ll allow you to save text notes as well as links and things of that nature. This isn’t exactly a “file management” tool in the traditional sense. Still, it’s useful, considering the amount of information flowing back and forth at any given time in a Slack Channel.


Slack is great. If you work in a technology-centric job, you’re most likely using it. What’s cool about it is that instead of just a decent team communication service, you get all these applications and tools added on top as well. I hope that with this list you’ll find even more interesting ways to use Slack and to manage your team better!

What’s your favorite file management tool for Slack? Let us know below!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons

Derrik Diener
Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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